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Salary Survey 2024-2025

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1. Are you: A Board Member
Other Community Leader
2. Age of submitter
3. Gender
4. Retired Yes No
5. Years until retirement
6. Approximate yearly income
7. Education level
8. How long have you read FLCAJ?
How much do you read? All Most Some
9. How likely are you to use
businesses that advertise in the magazine?
Very Likely Likely Not Likely Not Sure
Community Information:
10. Location (city)
11. Region of Florida Panhandle NE NW
Central SE SW

12. Type of community Condo Co-op HOA
13. Number of Units
14. Number of Buildings
15. Oceanfront: Yes
16. Age of Community
17. Average Price of Units $
18. Annual Budget $
19. Monthly Assessments
20. Based on Sq Ft # Units Other
21. Last special assessment amount:
22. Last special assessment purpose:
23. Are your reserves fully funded? Yes
24. If not, percent funded?
25. ManagedBy On Site Manager
Management Company
Board (no paid management)
26. Number of Board Members
27. Term of board
Salary/Payroll Information:
28. Number of employees (excluding manager)
29. Average Hourly Rate  
a. Assistant Manager $
b. Bookkeeper $
c. Rental Manager $
d. Doorman $
e. Housekeeping Supervisor $
f. Housekeeper $
g. Maintenance Chief $
h. Maintenance worker $
i. Security Chief $
j. Security $
k. Grounds Supervisor $
l. Groundskeeper $
m. Secretary $
n. Valet $
o. Other not listed $
p. Job title for other:
Manager Information and Compensation:
30. Age
31. Sex: Male Female Husband/Wife Team
32. Years in Management
33. Years in Current Position
34. Previous Career Experience Real Estate
Other (describe)
35. Sells or Rents Units: Yes No
36. Do you have a Real Estate Broker's License
37. Do you have a professional designation?
Yes No
b. Which one(s)?
38. Annual base salary (not including
bonuses, commissions, or housing) $
39. Average bonus per year $
40. Average sales/rental
commissions per year $
41. Total yearly compensation (38+39+40)
42. Housing Provided: Yes No
43. Value of housing per year
44. Total yearly compensation
including housing (41+43)
Manager Benefits:
45. Life Insurance provided: Yes No
46. Health Insurance provided: Yes No
a. If Yes: Individual Family
b. Amount or percentage of health
insurance paid by community
47. Retirement or 401k: Yes No
a. If matching funds are
provided, percent or amount:
48. How Many Hours
Per Week Do You Work?
49. Vacation Time days annually
50. Sick Time days annually
51. Association pays for:
(check all that apply)
a. Courses and Seminars
b. License
c. Professional Association Dues
d. Professional Association Meals
e. Publications
If you use a management company:
52. How long have you used
the same management company ?
53. How happy are you with
your current management company ?
Not Happy
54. Type of Contract: a. Management Only
b. Includes Services
Services Included
55. Cost per Housing
Unit per month $

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