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Management Companies

Membership Details

“Professional Growth Through Learning”

Florida Community Association Professionals (FCAP) is the only statewide member organization dedicated to serving the community association industry.

The mission of FCAP is to train and equip Florida’s community association professionals by providing the most thorough and up-to-date educational materials from the most knowledgeable sources.

Membership is open to managers, service providers, and community leaders. Educational credits are available for CAMs, and other members are able to audit courses.

FCAP has membership in every region of Florida and does not offer local chapter membership. Unlike other training or certification programs, all FCAP training, whether CEU or Advanced CAM Studies, is specific to Florida and the laws of Florida. Florida is a unique state in its multiculturalism and geographic characteristics.

FCAP members realize that training on a national level has little practical application to the ever-changing laws and culture of Florida. With that in mind, FCAP offers managers valuable training and resources that are not found anywhere else.

Manager Benefits

  • Yearly subscription to FLCAJ magazine
  • Free online CEUs – 24/7 access
  • Eligible to participate in FCAP’s CFCAM Designation Program
  • FCAP Newsletter
  • Managers Report Legal Newsletter
  • Downloadable member roster
  • Searchable Knowledge Base (by topic)
  • FLCAJ Resource Library
  • Useful Contacts Package
    • FCAP Catalog
    • Condo-certified attorneys
    • Readers’ Choice winners
    • Management Company Directory
  • Access to FCAP Assistance Network – includes managers, board members, and service providers.


How FCAP Can Help Your Management Company

FCAP can:

  • Streamline much of your training
  • Add to the value of your managers
  • Satisfy state requirements for CEU Credits and Legal Updates
  • Limit time away from work for training
  • Offer in-office training through online curriculum and testing
  • Improve the effectiveness of managers in the field

FCAP offers management companies the opportunity to participate in training programs at a discount based on the number of managers participating. Not only are all CEUs included with membership, but the extensive Florida Advanced CAM Studies program is offered at substantial savings. The FACS curriculum is the core requisite to earn the Certified Florida Community Association Manager (CFCAM) designation, the most extensive training program that is specific to Florida.


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