Certified Florida Community Association Manager –
CFCAM Professional Designation Program

FCAP Manager Members have the unique opportunity to work towards and achieve the only Florida-specific professional designation available for CAMs, the CFCAM or Certified Florida Community Association Manager professional designation program. This program offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the community association manager profession and challenges you to push beyond the minimum requirements for licensing. The CFCAM professional designation can take your career to the next level.

The CFCAM Professional Designation Program Strives to:

  • Enable and empower through education and communication.
  • Offer Florida-specific training and opportunities that allow CAMs to grow in knowledge of their industry.
  • Promote professionalism in the Florida community association industry.
  • Increase the value of the CAM/CFCAM to the community association with knowledge and application gained through shared experiences.
  • Add value to the community by adding value to the CAM.
  • Share strategies for problem solving through FCAP’s monthly e-mail training updates, weekly email updates, and manager-to-manager industry roundtables.
  • Monitor and report important legal issues and results of DBPR and CAM Regulatory Council meetings that affect managers

CFCAM Details


The five steps to certification are:

  1. CAM license with no unresolved issues
  2. Three years experience as a manager
  3. Completed application
  4. Agreement to abide by code of ethics
  5. Completed Florida Advanced CAM Studies Course


  • Certified Florida Community Association Manager Designation
  • Right to use CFCAM title and Logo
  • Introduction in “FCAP Community” column in FLCAJ
  • Periodic topical quotes in “FCAP Community” column
  • Opportunity to write in-depth articles for FLCAJ Magazine.
  • Verification of status and credentials of CFCAM to future employers
  • Access to Florida Advanced CAM Studies (FACS)
  • FACS online refresher courses
  • Permanent record of all courses taken and CEUs awarded
  • Opportunity to participate in Expert Panel articles in FLCAJ Magazine

Program Fees

  • $149 FCAP Manager Member Fee (If not a current FCAP Manager Member)
  • $165 per module (8 modules in all) = total of $1,320
  • Total of $1,469.00

Annual Renewal Fee (starts after first year) $99