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Vote 10-S Tennis Supply & Fast-Dry Courts (

Vote A & A Power Generators (

Vote A+ Mold Inspection Specialists LLC (http://

Vote A. L. Saland Insurance Solutions (http://www.alsaland

Vote ABC Home & Commercial Services (

Vote Above All Caulking & Waterproofing, Inc (

Vote Absolute Aluminum, Inc. (

Vote Absolute Patio Furniture Restoration (

Vote Absolute Waterproofing


Vote Access Residential Management (

Vote Action Painting Services, Inc. (

Vote Adamczyk Law Firm (

Vote ADT Security Community Association Program (

Vote Advanced Insurance Underwriters (

Vote Advanced Property Management (

Vote Advanced Roofing (

Vote Advanced Roofing and Sheet Metal (

Vote Advantage Property Management, LLC (

Vote Aegis Community Management Solutions (

Vote Affinity Management Services (

Vote AKAM On-Site, Inc. (

Vote Akerman LLP (

Vote Alden Contracting and Services (

Vote ALERT Protective Services (

Vote Alexander's Property Maintenance (

Vote All Phase Paving (

Vote All Pro Painting & Waterproofing, Inc. (

Vote Alliance Association Bank (

Vote Alliance CAS (

Vote Alliance Group (

Vote Alliance Property Systems (

Vote Alliant Property Management (

Vote Allied Appraisal (

Vote Allied Appraisal Services, Inc. (http://)

Vote Allied Property Group, Inc. (

Vote Allied Property Management (

Vote Allstate Resource Management (

Vote AMA Air Conditioning Services

Vote Ambassador Community Management (

Vote American Business Women's Association (

Vote AMI - Advanced Management, Inc. (

Vote Anderson Asphalt & Concrete Services, LLC (

Vote Angius & Terry, LLP (

Vote Ansbacher Law (

Vote Antimidators, Inc. (

Vote AppFolio, Inc. (

Vote Aquagenix (

Vote Aquatech Pools GC (

Vote Aquatech Pools GC (

Vote Aquatech Pools GC Inc. (

Vote Aquatech Pools GC Inc. (

Vote Aquatic Weed Control, Inc. (

Vote Area landscaping (http://)

Vote Arias Bosinger, PLLC (

Vote Aristoclean (

Vote ARK Solvers (

Vote Artemis Lifestyle Services (

Vote Artistic Concrete Lifting (

Vote Artistree Landscape Maintenance & Design (

Vote ASI Florida Insurance (

Vote Asphalt and Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance (

Vote Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems (

Vote Associa (

Vote Associa Gulf Coast (

Vote Associa OnCall - JAX (

Vote Associa OnCall-Community Management Professional (

Vote Associated Credit Reporting (

Vote Association Law Group (

Vote Association Management Group of Central Florida (

Vote Association Reserves (

Vote Association Specialty Group (

Vote Atlantic Pacific

Vote Austen Electric (

Vote Avant-Garde Management (

Vote Axela, Inc (

Vote Backer Aboud Poliakoff & Foelster (

Vote Bakalar & Associates, P.A. (

Vote Ballenger Law (

Vote Bank OZK (formerly Bank of the Ozarks) (

Vote Bank-A-Count (

Vote Bashor & Legendre, LLP, CPAs (

Vote Bass United Fire & Security Systems (

Vote Basulto Robbins (

Vote BB&T Bank Association Services Division (http://WWW.BBT.COM)

Vote Beacon Community Management (

Vote Becker & Poliakoff (

Vote Bemis Manufacturing - Shopping Carts (

Vote Benchmark Property Management (http://)

Vote Best Roofing (

Vote Bethel Farms (

Vote Bilzin Sumberg (

Vote Bloomwater, LLC (http://

Vote Blue Stream (

Vote BlueWorks, Inc (

Vote BMI/Building Managers International

Vote BMI/Building Managers International-Collier Chapte (

Vote BMI/Building Managers International-Palm Beach (

Vote BMI/Building Managers International-Southeast Chap (

Vote BNT Services (

Vote BR Solutions, Inc. dba Florida Security Experts (

Vote Breton Lynch Eubanks & Suarez-Murias (

Vote Brevard Executive Limousine (

Vote BRI Consulting Corp (

Vote Brian W. Pariser, P.A. (

Vote Broadband Agreement Specialists, Inc. (

Vote Broadband Agreement Specialists, Inc. (

Vote Bromley-Cook Engineering, Inc. (

Vote Brough, Chadrow & Levine, PA ( )

Vote Broward Landscape (

Vote Browns Background (http://)

Vote Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC (

Vote Budget Roofing Service (

Vote Bugs Or Us (

Vote Build, LLC (

Vote (

Vote Burg Management (

Vote By The Shore Technologies (

Vote C & S Management, Inc. (

Vote CAI Gold Coast (

Vote CAI North Gulf Coast

Vote CAI South Gulf Coast (

Vote CAI Southeast Florida Chapter (

Vote CAI West Florida Chapter (

Vote CAI-Central Florida

Vote Campbell Property Management (

Vote Cardillo Law Firm (

Vote Cardinal Management Group of Florida (

Vote Carlton Fields (

Vote Carousel Development & Restoration, Inc. (

Vote Carousel Development & Restoration, Inc. (

Vote Castilla Roofing (http://)

Vote Castle Group (

Vote Centennial Bank (

Vote CenterState Bank (

Vote CES Water Quality. (

Vote Chad M McClenathen

Vote Chalaire & Associates (

Vote Choice Property Management Group, Inc. (

Vote CIM Property Management (

Vote City National Bank Of Florida (

Vote Clayton & McCulloh, P.A. (

Vote CMH Management, LLC (

Vote CMR Property Management, Inc. (http://)

Vote Coastal Building Maintenace (

Vote Coastal Construction Products (

Vote Coastal Landscaping Services, Inc.

Vote Coastal Property Management (

Vote Coastal Realty and Property Management (

Vote Coconut Creek Landscaping (

Vote Cohen & Grigsby (

Vote Cohen Law Group (

Vote Colonial Roofing (

Vote Command Management, LLC (

Vote Community Advisors (

Vote Community Cable Consultants, Inc. (

Vote Community Management Professionals

Vote Complete Property Maintenance (

Vote Concierge Plus Inc. (

Vote Concrete Painting & Restoration (

Vote Condo Control Central (

Vote CondoCPA, Inc. (

Vote CondoJobs (

Vote Condominium Concepts Management (

Vote CONDUU by IBA Technology Consultants LLC (

Vote Connections Elevator (

Vote Consolidated Community Management (

Vote Consult Engineering, Inc. (

Vote Converged Services Inc. (

Vote Copple Sachs Copple (http://)

Vote Coquina Landscape Management llc (

Vote Critical Intervention Services, Inc. (

Vote CSI Management Services (

Vote D & D Garage Doors (

Vote D&D Painting & Restoration, LLC (http://)

Vote D&G sealcoating & striping Inc. (

Vote Dania S Fernandez & Associates, PA (

Vote Daniello & Assoc., Inc. (

Vote Daniello & Assoc., Inc. (

Vote Davenport Professional Property Management (

Vote David A Kobrin P.A.

Vote Dean Mead & Dunbar (

Vote Dean Mitchell (http://)

Vote DeFilippis Landscaping Inc (

Vote Delta Engineering (

Vote Desrosiers Interlocking Brick Pavering, Inc. (

Vote DHN Attorneys (

Vote Dicker Krivok & Stoloff (

Vote DL Folsom Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation (

Vote Don Asher & Associates (


Vote Dreux Isaac & Associates, Inc. (

Vote Driveway Maintenance, Inc. (

Vote DRYZONE/H2O911 (

Vote DSS Condo (

Vote Duffy's Tree Service (http://)

Vote Dunlap & Shipman (

Vote E/G of Florida (

Vote Eady Law Firm

Vote East-West Electric, Inc (

Vote Ed Williams Registered Roof Consultant, LLC (

Vote Edj Services, LLC (http://)

Vote Eisinger, Brown, Lewis, Frankel & Chaiet, P.A. (

Vote Elevator CSI (

Vote Elite Property Management Services (

Vote Empire Management Group (

Vote Empire Roofing (

Vote Engenuity Group, Inc. (

Vote Envera Systems (

Vote Environmental Control Industries, Inc - ECI (

Vote ESRM Communications - Elevator Phones (

Vote Evergreen Lifestyles Management LLC (

Vote Executive Managers Association (

Vote Executive National Bank (

Vote Expert Inspectors, Inc. (

Vote Falcon Engineering (

Vote Falk Law Firm (

Vote Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. (

Vote Fireservice Disaster Kleenup (http://)

Vote First Intel Group (

Vote FirstService Residential (

Vote FL Legal Group ( )

Vote Flacks Painting and Waterproofing, Inc (

Vote Flores-Hagar and Associates, Inc. (

Vote Florida CAM Schools (

Vote Florida Community Bank (

Vote Florida Environmental Services (http://)

Vote Florida Evergreen (

Vote Florida Fire Door Inspection (

Vote Florida Hot Tub and Sauna, Inc (

Vote Florida Patio Furniture (

Vote Florida Quality Roofing, Inc. (

Vote Florida Sidewalk Solutions (


Vote Foley Lardner (

Vote Forge Engineering Inc. (

Vote Fox Wackeen Dungey (

Vote Frank H. Furman Insurance Agency (

Vote Frank Weinberg & Black, P.L. (

Vote Frazier & Brown Law (

Vote Friends of Bats (

Vote GAB Robins North America, Inc. (

Vote Gainesville Pest Control (/

Vote Garfinkel Whynot Association Law (

Vote Garing Parking Enforcement (

Vote Garrison Property Services, LLC (

Vote GCI Consultants LLC (

Vote Gelfand & Arpe, P.A. (

Vote GeniePad (

Vote Gerstle, Rosen & Goldenberg P.A. (

Vote Girard Environmental Services (

Vote Glazer & Sachs, P.A. (

Vote GNM Hough, Inc. (

Vote Goede, Adamczyk, DeBoest, & Cross (

Vote Gold Coast Schools (

Vote Gold Coast Schools (

Vote Gonzalez & Co, CPA (

Vote Granino's Pool and Patio Service (http://)

Vote Grant Property Management ( )

Vote Greenspoon Marder LLP (

Vote Greystone Management (

Vote GRS Management Associates, Inc. (

Vote Guest Services, Inc. (

Vote Gulf Business Systems (

Vote Gulfstream Painting & Contracting (

Vote Gursky Ragan, P.A. (

Vote Haber Law (

Vote Haines A/C & Refrigeration (

Vote Hartman & Son Construction

Vote Hawkeye Management (

Vote Heacock Insurance Group, Inc. (

Vote Henderson Franklin Starnes & Holt P.A. (

Vote Herbie Wiles Insurance (

Vote Hernicz Legal Services, P.L. (

Vote HIG Insurance Group (

Vote Hill Law Firm, PA (http://)

Vote Hillman engineering (thomas)

Vote HOA Lending Exchange, LLC (

Vote HOAst Inc (

Vote Hometown Pest Control (

Vote Hotwire Communications (

Vote Howard J. Miller P.E. , Inc.

Vote Howard J. Miller P.E. , Inc.

Vote Hypower, Inc.



Vote Icon Management Services (

Vote Impact Landscaping & Irrigation (

Vote IRMS Insurance and Risk Management Services, Inc. (

Vote ITVantage (

Vote J B Paint Co's. or J. B. Painting & Waterproofing (

Vote J R Frazer Reserves & Insurance Valuations (

Vote J.W. Cheatham, Inc. (

Vote Jimerson Birr, P.A. (

Vote Jonathan James Damonte, Chartered (

Vote Joyce Goodman-Guenther P.A. (

Vote Juda, Eskew & Associates, P.A. (

Vote Kane & Company, P.A. (

Vote Kangas Cloud (

Vote Karins Engineering Group, Inc. (

Vote Kaye Bender Rembaum (

Vote Kent Security Services, Inc. (

Vote Keytone Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (

Vote Kings III Emergency Communications (

Vote KMVC Services (

Vote Knight of Columbus Insurance (

Vote Konyk & Lemme (

Vote Korte & Wortman (

Vote KW Property Management (

Vote Lake & Wetland (

Vote Lake Roofing Systems (

Vote Landex Resorts International Inc (

Vote Landmark Elevator Consultants

Vote Landscape Maintenance Professionals, Inc. (

Vote Lang & Raffa P.A. (

Vote Lang Management (

Vote Larsen & Associates, P.L. (

Vote Latta Corp. Of Central Florida (http://)

Vote Law Office of Amy Boggs (

Vote Law Office of Jennifer M. Cunha (

Vote Law Office of Russell Knight (

Vote Law Offices of Cuevas Garcia & Torres, PA (

Vote Law Offices of Thomas J Tighe

Vote Lawless & Mangione (

Vote LCM Engineering, PLLC (

Vote Leland Management (

Vote Levine Law Group (

Vote Lighthouse Property Management (

Vote Lippman Law Offices, P.A. (

Vote LM Funding, LLC (

Vote Lowes Commercial Painting (

Vote Lynx Landscaping Services (http://WWW.LYNXPROPSERVICES.COM)

Vote Lynx Property Services (

Vote M & M Property Management (

Vote Mack, Mack & Waltz Insurance Group Inc. (

Vote Mader Southeast (

Vote Mainscape Inc (

Vote Mako Pools (

Vote Management & Associates (

Vote Mankin Law Group (http://)

Vote Mapili CPA's (

Vote Marine Bank and Trust (http://)

Vote Mark B Schorr, PA

Vote Marksman Security Corporation (


Vote Marshall Dennehey Warner (

Vote Martell and Ozim P.A. (

Vote Marzucco's Construction & Coatings Inc. (

Vote Master Home Restoration (http://)

Vote MAY Management Services, Inc. (

Vote McKinnon & Hamilton PLLC

Vote McLeod's Construction, Paint & Restoration (

Vote Medscapes (

Vote Melinda Maguire & Associates (http://)

Vote Menchinger & Tyack CPAs, LLC (http:///

Vote Merlin Law Group (

Vote Michael Mullen, CPA, PLLC (http://

Vote Midway Services (

Vote Mike Douglass Trenchless Technologies (

Vote Mike Horn Family Insurance (

Vote Millennium Fire & Security (

Vote Monitoring Center (

Vote Morgan Stanley (

Vote Mullets Aluminum Products, Inc. (

Vote Mutual of Omaha Bank (

Vote N Square, Inc. (

Vote Najmy Thompson (

Vote National Exemption Service, LLC (

Vote National Firedoor , LCC (

Vote Neptune Fire Protection Engineering (

Vote North Shore Management Group Inc (http://)


Vote One Step Better Lawn & Landscape (http://)

Vote OptaMiss (

Vote OST Systems (

Vote P & R Renovations and Procoatings (

Vote Palm & Turf Management Plus, Inc. (

Vote Palm Atlantic Landscape Maintenance (http://)

Vote Palm Beach Community Managers Assoc

Vote Parking Lot Services (

Vote Paul Davis Restoration Of Broward And North Miami (

Vote Pavement Technology, Inc. (

Vote Pavese Law (


Vote PEGroup Consulting Engineers, Inc. (

Vote Pest Control Boynton Beach (

Vote Pestmax (

Vote Peters & Peters (

Vote PeytonBolin (

Vote Philip J. Croyle, P.A. (

Vote PIE Superior Service (

Vote PIE Superior Service (

Vote Pinnacle Association Management (

Vote PipeLining Technologies, Inc. (PTI) (

Vote Planet First LLC (

Vote Plastridge Insurance Agency (

Vote Platinum Group Security (

Vote Playmore Recreational Products & Services (

Vote Poma and sons Inc.  (

Vote Popular Association Banking (

Vote Porges Hamlin (

Vote Power Roofing & Construction LLC. (

Vote Precision Fire Systems, Inc (http://)

Vote Preferred Property Program (

Vote Premier Association Management of Central Florida (

Vote Premier Elevator Co., Inc. (

Vote Premier Management Group, Inc. (

Vote Price & Associates (

Vote Progressive Management Inc (

Vote Project Support Services (

Vote Promar Building Services (

Vote Promar Building Services (

Vote Property Loss Consultants (

Vote PropertyPop (

Vote Qualified Property Management Inc (

Vote R. Williamson Landscape Contractors, Inc. (

Vote Rabin Parker, P.A. (

Vote Ramco Protective (

Vote Randall K Roger & Associates

Vote Ranger Construction Industries

Vote RCI Painting & Waterproof

Vote RealManage (

Vote REB Storage (

Vote Rennert Vogel (

Vote Renovations Property Management ( )

Vote Republic Bank (

Vote Reserve Advisors, Inc. (

Vote Resort Management (

Vote ResortQuest

Vote Rhino Roof Protection/White Glove Painting (

Vote Rick Carroll Insurance (

Vote Rightway Elevator (


Vote Robert H Yaffe (

Vote Roetzel & Andress (

Vote Roof-A-Cide (

Vote Roofing Concepts Unlimited (RCU) (

Vote RoofSmith of Tampabay Inc. (

Vote Rooftec Consulting & Management, Inc. (

Vote Rosaline Mendoza, CPA, PA (http://)

Vote Ross Earle Bonan & Ensor (

Vote Rossin & Burr (

Vote Sachs Sax Caplan (

Vote Safe Communities LLC (

Vote Sajdera Kim, PLLC (

Vote Samouce & Gal (

Vote Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr (

Vote Sayf Security (

Vote Screening Link (

Vote Seacrest Services (

Vote Seacrest Services, Inc. (


Vote Sentry Management, Inc. (

Vote Serio-us Industries, Inc.

Vote ServPro (http://

Vote Servpro of North Palm Beach County (

Vote Shane & Associates (

Vote Sharma & Associates (

Vote Sherwin-Williams Paint (

Vote Sherwood Tree Service (

Vote Shuffield, Lowman & Wilson, P.A. (

Vote Shutts & Bowen (

Vote Siegfried Rivera (

Vote Silberman Law (

Vote Singer Island Managers Group (http://)

Vote Sitex Landscape ( )

Vote SJR Insurance (

Vote Slider Engineering Group, Inc. (

Vote SOLitude Lake Management (

Vote SOLitude Lake Management (

Vote SOS Security, LLC (

Vote South Florida Mailbox (

Vote South Milhausen, P.A. (

Vote Southern Chute, Inc. (

Vote Southern Coatings (

Vote Southern Mosquito Control Service (

Vote Southwest Property Management (

Vote Sovereign & Jacobs (

Vote Space coast communities Assoc. (

Vote Spaulding Decon (

Vote Sprinklermatic Fire Protection INC (

Vote SPT - Specialized Pipe Technologies (

Vote SR Construction Services, LLC (

Vote Stafford Tree Removal (Cullen)

Vote Stage Law Firm

Vote Stellar Public Adjusting Services (

Vote Steven A. Mason, P.A. (

Vote Straley Otto PA (

Vote Stroemer & Company, LLC (

Vote Sun and Beach Patio Furniture (

Vote Sunburst management (http://)

Vote Sunny Greens Landscapers (http://)

Vote Sunshine Roofing of SW Florida (http://

Vote SunState Management (

Vote Super Restoration (

Vote Superior Tree& Landscape Inc. (

Vote Swaysland Professional Engineering Consultants (

Vote Sweet Sheldon Construction (

Vote Swinarski and Company (

Vote Synergy Contracting Group (

Vote Tankel Law Group (

Vote Target Roofing (

Vote TEKWave Solutions (

Vote Tenant Evaluation (

Vote The Barthet Firm (

Vote The Falcon Group (

Vote The Insurance Man and Company (

Vote The Lake Doctors (

Vote The Law Office of Scott K. Petersen, PLL

Vote The Law Offices of Lobeck & Hanson (

Vote The Lykos Group (

Vote The Melrose Management Partnership (

Vote The Morgan Law Group (

Vote The Murrell Law Firm, P.A. (

Vote Think Utility Services (

Vote Thompson Lewis Law Firm

Vote Tierra Verde Property Management (http://)

Vote Tim Ready Painting (http://)

Vote Titan Management (

Vote TOPS Software (

Vote Towers Property Management (

Vote Townsend (

Vote TRC Worldwide Engineering (

Vote TRC Worldwide Engineering (

Vote Treasure Coast Irrigation & Landscape (

Vote Tripp Scott Law Firm (

Vote Tropic Fence, Inc. (

Vote U.S. Century Bank ( )

Vote United Claims Specialists (

Vote United Community Management (http://)

Vote United Engineering Consultants Inc. (

Vote United Fire Protection, Inc. (

Vote United Screening Services (

Vote Urethane Systems, Inc (

Vote US Century Bank (

Vote US Sewer (

Vote Valley National Bank (

Vote Valspar' Paint Drop (

Vote Velocity Engineering LLC (

Vote venning pest control (http://)

Vote Vesta Property Services (

Vote Vice Painting (http://)

Vote Villagomez Lawn Service (

Vote Vinteum Software (

Vote Vista Community Association Management, Inc. (

Vote VisualScape Inc. (

Vote Vote HOA Now (

Vote Wasserstein, P.A. (

Vote Watson Association Management (

Vote Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers (

Vote Wean & Malchow (

Vote Wells Olah (

Vote West Coast Landscaping (

Vote Westerman Zetrouer, PA (

Vote Wetherington Hamilton PA (

Vote Williams Parker (

Vote Willie The Bee Man (

Vote Wilson, Kehoe and Miller (http:/

Vote Windoor Inc (

Vote WithumSmith+Brown, PC (

Vote Wonsetler & Webner (

Vote Woodward Pires & Lombardo (

Vote World of Homes (

Vote Wright and Casey, PA (

Vote Wyant-Cortez & Cortez (

Vote Xpress Elevator (


Vote Yellowstone Landscape (

Vote YOUR Management Services (

Vote Zimmerman Tree Service (

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