CFCAM Educational Program for Managers

Certified Florida Community Association Manager Educational Program

Certified Florida Community Association Manager Educational Program



Community Association Management is

Florida is home to more condominiums, HOAs, licensed managers (CAMs), statutes, and boards of directors than any other state in the US. The billions of dollars that flow into the industry by way of assessments, fees, dues, etc., and then paid out in the way of purchased services and operating expenses confirms the need for highly trained Managers who have the tools and ability to navigate the complicated waters. 

Knowledge and Education is

Community Association Managers are the integral part of the leadership of the community and the industry. The thousands of Florida licensed managers that are dedicated to their communities and management companies are the professional leaders with their “feet on the ground.” Managers are tasked with adapting to a constantly changing environment that affects both the financial and esoteric culture in their community.

Continuing Education and Training Is

Training costs time and money. Many managers are discouraged from furthering their careers through advanced education because of time and money. FCAP and the CFCAM program address both of these cost issues with online courses leading to an advanced professional certification that is budget conscious in both areas—time and money

How can FCAP help you?

FCAP Is Here to Help!

FCAP recognizes that Florida’s licensing process and continuing education requirements provide a limited solution, and are lacking in fully meeting the needs of professional managers to fundamentally facilitate, meet, and/or exceed the association’s expectations. FCAP, through its Certified Florida Community Association Manager program, has developed a course of study that is designed to meet that need, while offering flexibility in both time and budget.



What Is FCAP?

FCAP – “Professional Growth Through Learning”

Florida Community Association Professionals (FCAP) is the only statewide member organization dedicated to serving the educational needs of those in the community association industry.

The mission of FCAP is to train and equip Florida’s community association professionals by providing the most thorough and up-to-date educational materials from the most knowledgeable sources.

Membership is open to managers, service providers, and community leaders. Advanced certification and continuing education credits are available for CAMs, while other members are able to audit selected courses.


Unique Characteristics of FCAP

  • Full Statewide Participation: FCAP has membership in every region of Florida. It is not a local organization.
  • Florida-focused: All FCAP training, whether CEU or Advanced CAM Studies, is specific to Florida and the laws of Florida. Florida is unique in its requirements for managers and the complexity of the managers’ job. Training on a national level has very little application to the ever-changing laws and culture of Florida.
  • Manager focused: FCAP is primarily a managers’ organization with CEU training specific to their requirements and needs. FCAP offers the only exclusive online catalogue with more than 100 hours of available courses.
  • Board Friendly: FCAP recognizes that board members have the need for much of the same information as managers. For that reason, board members and other community leaders are able to access and audit FCAP courses for free. (No test scoring or credit hours are available.)

  • Service Provider Participation: Service providers are essential to the administration, maintenance, and efficient operation of Florida’s community associations. These FCAP members bring their years of training and experience to the table and make that problem-solving information available to other FCAP members through curriculum for both CEUs and advanced training.
  • Magazine SupportFLCAJ is the only monthly statewide publication serving the community association industry. Now in its 32st year of publication, the magazine continues to be indispensable to managers and board members alike.



The Certified Florida Community Association Manager (CFCAM) Program

FCAP offers the only Florida-specific professional designation in the industry. The core of the certification is the Florida Advanced CAM Studies (FACS), the most comprehensive, systematic training program available for community association managers. Developed with the help of more than 140 Florida professional service providers, educators, and managers, the eight modules containing 38 chapters with approximately 175 study resources cover virtually every aspect of community association management. To earn the designation, a candidate is required to answer approximately 800 multiple-choice questions, distributed throughout the curriculum at the end of each resource. For those in the community association industry in Florida, this is considered the “Master’s Degree” in Florida Community Association Management!


FCAP understands the time demands placed on working managers. For that reason, the FACS online classes are divided into eight modules, which can be taken individually as time allows. The only time requirement is that all modules and tests must be completed within 12 months of starting. Modules are paid for as they are opened, which makes budgeting easy to manage.

Florida Advanced CAM Studies

Module 1

The CAM Profession
4 Chapters

Module 2

People, Pets and Parking
3 Chapters

Module 3

4 Chapters

Module 4

Financial Management
7 Chapters

Module 5

Building Maintenance and Construction
6 Chapters

Module 6

Landscape, Lakes, Pools, and Pavement
4 Chapters

Module 7

Safety and Security
4 Chapters

Module 8

6 Chapters


Editors for the 2018 edition:

General Editors:

Marcy Kravit, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, CFCAM
Richard Johns, Managing Director, FCAP

Associate Editors:

Betsy Barbieux, CAM, CFCAM, CMCA
Patricia Rogers, CFCAM
Pat Naldrett-Bilodeau, CFCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Contributing Editors:

Megan McMurry, FCAP
Taylor Johns, FCAP

Continuing Education

FCAP currently offers more than 50 online continuing education courses free for FCAP members. These courses are available 24 hours a day. The course materials are provided by the top professionals in the industry and updated frequently. CEUs are available in all categories as well as the required legal update.


Commitment to Professional Career Advancement


Marcy Kravit

Getting a CAM License is only the beginning. What sets managers apart is what they learn after they get licensed. The CFCAM program provides managers an in-depth training at topics related to practical community association management in Florida”. – Marcy Kravit, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, CFCAM

Robert Johnson

Anyone who wants to work in the industry should take your course first. It has all the ingredients needed to educate a newly licensed manager to become successful in their first management job. It’s also extremely valuable for experienced CAMs for learning new ideas. – Robert Johnson, CAM, CFCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM


The Florida Advanced CAM Studies (FACS) is unique in its approach to educating managers. Through it you will gain the knowledge required for success in managing today’s community associations.

Curriculum – All Florida-specific, industry specific material
Convenience – At home, on breaks, evenings, weekends
Cost – Pay as you learn; just finish in 12 months


Cost FCAP Membership


8 modules at $165 each


Total investment