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Florida Community Association Professionals (FCAP) is a membership-based professional organization for those who work, serve, or live in the 45,000+ community associations in Florida. The primary purpose of FCAP is to train and equip industry professionals with a goal toward effective, efficient, legal, and fiscally responsible community management.

FCAP believes that professional education is an ongoing, never-ending process and strives to provide up-to-date training resources as they become available. Relying on service providers, who work hands-on in the industry and understand its complexity, FCAP publishes and makes available new training material weekly through the FCAP newsletter and monthly in Florida Community Association Journal magazine. Additional legal resources are available through the monthly CALL (Community Association Leadership Lobby) newsletter Managers Report.

FCAP Schools offers training opportunities for managers and board members. Managers are able to take free online CEU courses that satisfy the state’s bi-yearly requirement. Board members are able to take the online board certification requirement at no cost. Managers also have the opportunity to take the FACS (Florida Advanced CAM Studies) course, which leads to credentialing through the CFCAM (Certified Florida Community Association Manager) program.


FCAP works as an advocate on your behalf and offers networking, education, and information to CAMs of all levels of experience and knowledge. As a member of FCAP, you will enjoy a complimentary subscription to your industry’s very own trade publication the Florida Community Association Journal, free CEUs, and many other benefits that are listed below.

Community Leaders

FCAP offers board members and community association volunteers membership in a statewide industry organization. FCAP offers networking, education, and information to board members of all community types including condominium associations, HOAs, cooperatives, timeshares, and mobile home communities. As a member of FCAP, you will enjoy the benefits that are listed below.

Service Providers

FCAP is open for membership to businesses that offer products or services to the community association industry. Among many benefits are opportunities to contribute to CEUs, write educational articles, and provide practical answers to problems facing communities. See below for a full list of benefits.


Benefits Managers Board Members Service Providers
Yearly subscription to FLCAJ
FCAP weekly email newsletter
Managers Report monthly legal newsletter
Downloadable member roster
Access to 10-years FLCAJ article archives
Useful Contacts Package:
• FCAP Catalog
• Condo certified attorneys
• Readers’ Choice Awards winners
• Management Company Directory
Access to searchable FCAP Knowledge Base
• over 500 online articles
• 10 years’ magazine archives
Assistance with community-related issues or questions through the FCAP Service Provider Network.
Free online CEUs with 24/7 access    
Manager Welcome Package:
• Community Finances Training Package
• Community Safety & Security Training Package
Online state required board member certification    
Board Member Welcome Package:
• Welcome to Board
• Community Finances Training Package
• Community Safety & Security Training Package
Board reference library includes access to all
CEU training materials
Company logo in the “FCAP Community” section of FLCAJ    
Right to use FCAP logo in all promotional material    
Opportunity to contribute to FCAP e-mail newsletter    
Opportunity to contribute to “FCAP Community”
column in FLCAJ
Opportunity to contribute to Florida Advanced CAM Studies    
Company profile in FCAP newsletter    


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