“Professional Growth Through Learning”

Florida Community Association Professionals (FCAP) is the only statewide member organization dedicated to serving the community association industry.

The mission of FCAP is to train and equip Florida’s community association professionals by providing the most thorough and up-to-date educational materials from the most knowledgeable sources.

Membership is open to managers, service providers, and community leaders. Educational credits are available for CAMs, and other members are able to audit courses.

Please use the links below for Information about the different memberships.

Unique Characteristics of FCAP

  • Full Statewide Participation: FCAP has membership in every region of Florida. It is not a local organization.
  • Florida-focused: Unlike other training or certification programs, all FCAP training, whether CEU or Advanced CAM Studies, is specific to Florida and the laws of Florida. Florida is a unique state in its multi-culturalism and geographic characteristics. Training on a national level has little application to the ever-changing laws and culture of Florida.
  • Manager focused: FCAP is primarily a mangers’ organization with CEU training specific to their requirements and needs. FCAP offers the only exclusive online catalog with over 100 hours of available courses.
  • Board Friendly: FCAP recognizes that board members have the need for much of the same information as managers For that reason, board members and other community leaders are able access and audit all FCAP courses for free. (No test scoring or credit hours are available.)
  • Service Provider Participation: Service providers are essential to the administration, maintenance, and efficient operation of Florida’s community associations. These FCAP members bring their years of training and experience to the table and make that problem-solving information available to other FCAP members.
  • Magazine Support: FLCAJ is the only monthly statewide publication in Florida specific to Florida. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary year, the magazine continues to be indispensible to managers and board members alike.
  • CondoJobs Support: Members have the support of the oldest and most trusted statewide manager job referral program.

Membership Levels of FCAP:

join now info Manager Member: A member of FCAP who has a valid CAM license

join now info CFCAM: Certified Florida Community Association Manager

join now info Service Provider Member: A member of FCAP who provides services to the industry

join now info Board Member Member: A Member of FCAP who serves as a community leader