Over two years ago, when asked the question: “With so many local organizations, why is there a need for a new one?”  FCAP Director Jim McMurry answered: “At the ground level, FCAP is both an educational and advocacy organization. We intend to raise the awareness of the professional nature of our member managers and service providers, while providing extensive education to all levels of the industry.”   
FCAP hasn’t taken their eye off that goal, and we remain an organization committed to education and an advocate for community associations across the state of Florida.  We are very proud of all of our members and extend our gratitude to those that have renewed their memberships and welcome our newest members.
FCAP strives to bring you educational material weekly that conveys our passion for this industry. I hope you enjoy this week’s FCAP Member Advantage!

ca4a676f-0ba2-4073-b3e9-88c887267df9Pat Naldrett-Bilodeau, CFCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
FCAP Relational Growth Strategist – Education Liaison

Readers’ Choice Awards

Congratulations to our FCAP Members Who Were Readers’ Choice Awards Winners Recipients With the goal of spotlighting the elite of the elite, the FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Awards were created. Online nominations and voting began in September with voting continuing until December. We are pleased that in our first, annual voting, 155 service providers were nominated, 3,800 votes were cast, and 37 service providers rose to the top.

Envera Systems has been providing comprehensive security solutions since 2007, including virtual gate guard, active video surveillance, access control, and burglar alarm systems. CEO Addi Aloya and CFO Aaron Wray have been with the company since its inception. We serve all of Florida except the Panhandle area.
70f74f48-4d59-471e-8918-2d1aaf0c7c06We regard our reputation as one of our most valuable assets and conduct our business accordingly. We do what we say. Our focus is on asking the right questions, listening, and aligning expectations on the front end as the relationship begins. We utilize best in class technology and combine that with human intervention to deliver an unprecedented result that differentiates us within the industry. Our clients’ experiences with the solutions we provide truly define us as an organization.
We are a community centric, comprehensive, electronic security provider—installing, servicing, and monitoring systems. The human element is what makes our company unique, including our own state-of-the-art 24/7, year round central station with licensed agents to respond to any situation within the communities we serve.