You Just Bought an Ad

You Just Bought an Ad in FLCAJ Magazine.
Now What?

Just pick an option below.

I want to submit my ad 

In order for your shiny new ad to look it’s best in the magazine, we need to make sure it meets our printer’s requirements.

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Before submitting your full page ad, please check your bleed, trim and safe area.

We prefer high-resolution PDF files. We also accept InDesign (no Word docs), TIFF, or EPS files (no JPG files).

All images should be in CMYK format (not RGB) at a resolution of 300 dpi. A color proof is required if color is critical.  

Submit Camera-ready Ad

  To send us large files, please use our Dropbox link.  

Unable to build an ad? Let us do it for you!

I want you to design my ad

Good deal, it’s what we do. Don’t believe me? Have a look. We’ll need a few things from you to get started.

What do you want in your ad? You are the expert on your business so YOUR INPUT IS IMPORTANT.

Anatomy of an Ad


Typically an ad will include 1 a headline to draw the reader in, 2 something visual like a photo or illustration, 3 some body copy that will deliver your message, 4 your company logo, and 5 your contact info including an address, phone numbers, website, and email.

Send us your ad content along with any direction or suggestions, we’ll get started on the ad design. Once we have something to show you, we’ll email you a proofing link. When you’re happy with the design, we’ll put it in the magazine.

Submit Ad Materials