2024 Products & Services Showcase

2024 Products and Services Showcase

     Editor’s Note: FLCAJ is excited to present its second products and services showcase. Participating companies can present one of their products or services that are available to community associations. Please visit the website, email, or call these various companies to see how they can assist your community.


Property Management & Brokerage Services

     Powered by our people and our properties, AKAM sets the standard in property management and related services. With deep history and expertise in New York and Florida as well as a vision for growth across the nation, we have been fostering thriving communities through our hospitable team, outstanding operational standards, and comprehensive service offerings.

Allied Property Group Inc

Property Management Services 
239-241-6499 and 305-232-1579

     Allied Property Group is a full-service property management company providing services since 2003. We understand the challenges faced by the boards in our communities. Our expert team regularly inspects properties, supervises maintenance schedules, coordinates and attends board meetings, and is available 24/7.  We also offer board certification classes, owner website creation/monitoring, and new homeowner screenings and orientations. We serve communities in South and Southwest Florida. Contact us today!

Artemis Lifestyles

Commitment to Personalized Service

     Artemis Lifestyles Services, overseeing 170 diverse communities in Florida, distinguishes itself through a commitment to personalized service. Recognizing that no two communities are identical, we tailor our approach to each one’s unique needs. Our dedicated team focuses on elevating the community experience through exceptional customer service, innovative technology, and attentive resident input. Building strong partnerships and offering comprehensive services, we ensure efficient operations that cater to the distinct requirements of every community.


Community Association Law Practice Group

     For 50 years Becker has stood as a beacon of excellence with unmatched proficiency across various legal fields, from community associations to construction, business litigation to real estate, and corporate to government law. Founded in 1973, our journey has been guided by a core principle: a tireless dedication to our clients and the communities in which we are deeply rooted. Our Community Association Law Practice Group offers expert counsel for condominiums, cooperatives, timeshares, and homeowners’ associations, navigating the law with care and expertise.

Blue Stream Fiber

Best in Class Fiber Internet

     Blue Stream Fiber is a Florida-based, fiber-optic provider with over 45 years of experience, offering customized fiber internet on a 10-gig capable network, total home managed WiFi, reliable TV powered by TiVo, and phone service to HOAs, condominiums, and neighborhoods throughout the state. Our focus on reliability, customer service, great products, smooth installations, and creation of a tailored plan to serve each community makes us a true partner to the associations that we serve.


Personalized, Customizable Telecommunication Services

     Your community deserves the best. Breezeline, a subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc. (TSX: CCA), is the eighth-largest cable operator in the United States. The company services residential, business, and community customers in 13 states. We provide fiber-powered TV, internet, WiFi, and voice services to homeowner associations throughout South Florida. Breezeline is a reliable partner focused on delivering personalized, customizable service for the best experience for your residents. Visit www.breezeline.com/communities.

Campbell Property Management

Onboarding Project Plan

     Don’t just transition your community, transform it! At Campbell our goal is to ensure your community comes out of the onboarding experience better than when you started. This is accomplished by understanding YOUR community’s unique goals first and then applying this to our proprietary onboarding project plan. We’ve transitioned communities like yours for decades and understand the unique needs of associations in South Florida. Most transitions take just 45 days, and our 300-point program enhances your community with more effective systems.

Castle Group

Property Management Services

     Castle Group is the premier choice for property management and serves the finest residential communities. With over 2,500 dedicated team members, we are the preferred service provider for 500-plus associations. Our philosophy stays the same no matter where we are, putting the resident first. At Castle we call it Royal Service®. Our focus is to provide our clients with a powerful combination of incredible people, streamlined systems, and advanced technology to deliver the best service to our communities. Since no two properties are identical, we’ve created a menu of services that allows our customers to tailor a solution that fits their needs.

Centennial Bank

Financial Strength Is Paramount

     Can your branch pay off all its uninsured deposits? Centennial Bank can.  We might not have the highest CD rate, but we’ll be the safest place to put your money in today’s fast-moving economy.  There’s plenty of things to worry about in the world, so don’t let your money be one of them. Financial strength is paramount. Contact Centennial Bank Association Banking at

Claims GPS

The Claims Bond Files

     Claims GPS is an educational resource offering policyholders guidance, preparation, and success in fulfilling their duties in a property damage claim event. For less than a dollar a day, members of The Claims Bond Files receive exclusive case stories to increase their knowledge of the hazards and costly pitfalls—financially and emotionally—of not preparing for a large loss claim recovery challenge. Plus, members of Claims GPS receive additional bonus content throughout the year.

Condominium Advisory Group

Termination Advisory Services

     Amid the new Florida condominium legislation (Florida Senate Bill 4-D), many Florida condominium associations have found a termination (or deconversion) to make the most sense for their condominium community. Our team of experts can help your association determine if a deconversion is the right choice based on your property’s circumstances.By planning and strategizing, condominium owners take control of the process and outcome for their condominium community. Contact us to schedule a free consultation!

Dania S. Fernandez and Associates P.A.

Representing Homeowners’ and Condominium Associations

     Dania S. Fernandez & Associates, P.A., is a well-established law firm with over 20 years of experience, focused on representing homeowners’ and condominium associations. Our dedicated team handles all aspects of legal, regulatory, and administrative matters, ensuring that these communities thrive. We go the extra mile by providing education to boards of directors, empowering them with the knowledge needed for effective governance. Visit our website at www.daniafernandez.com to learn more about how we can support your community’s needs.


Residential Association Property Management, Financial and Accounting
Anthony Emma, CAM

     Element Financial Solutions is Southwest Florida’s leading residential association financial management and accounting firm. Element is excited to announce that we additionally provide full-service residential property management to residential condominium associations and cooperatives. Element’s team possesses vast knowledge and experience in a broad field of association management requirements, including property management, policies and procedures, facilities and vendor management, investment services, construction, appraisal, and valuation services.  Element understands the distinct characteristics of associations and their property management needs.  Licensures and designations underscore the team’s comprehensive grasp of the regulations and statutes governing associations.

Envera Systems

Virtual Gate Guard Solution for Gated Communities

     Expedite visitor entry at a gated community with Envera’s Virtual Gate Guard. With quick and secure methods for verification, authorized guests have a smooth experience when arriving to see a resident. Video prompts on the Virtual Gate Guard screen assist drivers through the process, and trained virtual agents connect to each system. The MyEnvera website and app is included with the solution, allowing residents to easily manage their accounts, instantly syncing with the gate system.


Registered Roof Consultant

     Florida insurance carriers have experienced some heavy losses in recent years. Some of this is weather related, and some due to fraudulent roofing claims. They are responding with increased premiums and requiring roofs to be replaced after 20 years. This can be a big problem for condominiums’ reserve accounts if they were expecting to get more than 20 years of life out of the roof. Please let our professional staff guide you through these changes.

Expert Reserve Services

Reserve Studies, Structural Integrity Reserve Studies (SIRS), and Replacement Cost Valuations

     Expert Reserve Services has been serving Florida condominium and homeowner associations for over a quarter century. We provide the personalized, professional service that you expect and deserve! Contact us today so that we can discuss how we can be of service to your association.

Haber Law

Condominium and HOA Law

     At Haber Law our experienced team of attorneys has established a solid reputation for their core practice areas, including condominium and homeowners’ association law, real estate law, construction law, and complex business litigation. We represent all types of condominiums and homeowners’ associations in the South Florida area, with an emphasis on the representation of luxury, high-rise, and waterfront condominiums. Whether negotiating contracts or fighting for claims, we leverage our expertise to bring peace of mind to your community.

Hotwire Communications

Lightning-Fast Fiber-Optic Services

     Hotwire Communications offers lightning-fast fiber-optic internet services that will transform your online experience. With our 10-gig service you’ll enjoy seamless streaming, lag-free gaming, and blazing-fast downloads. Our reliable network ensures uninterrupted connectivity, while our dedicated account management team provides exceptional customer support. Stay connected in today’s digital world with our top-notch internet services that exceed expectations. Don’t settle for less—choose Hotwire Communications and unlock the future of internet connectivity for your community.

   Hunter Claims

Take Up Your Claim

     Hunter Claims Consultants have proudly served condominium and homeowners’ associations across the state of Florida, representing their best interests in first-party property and casualty insurance claims by providing building condition assessments and insurance documentation reviews. From pre-disaster loss consultation to real-time facilitation of insurance claims (hurricanes, fires, water losses, sinkholes, and more), our professionals streamline the claims process and deliver the results our clients deserve. Insurance claims are undoubtedly stressful and complex; no association should be forced to face insurance carriers on their own. Hunter Claims Public Adjusters have your back!


Electrical Services and Special Projects

     Hypower’s expert commercial electrical services and special projects team offers comprehensive panel replacement solutions, designed to meet the exacting requirements of insurance inspections. Hypow =er has served Florida since 1991 and is state licensed, ARC Flash and OSHA certified, professional, bonded, and insured.

J. R. Frazer Inc.

Reserve Study Property/Flood Insurance Valuation Reports

     Our company offers SIRS and traditional reserve studies to all types of condominium buildings and homeowner associations. We provide free Zoom or phone consultation before and/or after our reports are completed. Understanding the goals of your association assures us that we can provide a quality report that will work well for the association members, property managers, and board. Please contact us for a proposal on your property.

Kaye Bender Rembaum

Community Association Law Firm

     Kaye Bender Rembaum is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services for community associations of all sizes throughout Florida. The Firm specializes in assisting associations with a wide range of legal matters, including governance, compliance, collections, dispute resolution, and more. KBR prides itself on a personalized approach, tailoring all services to meet the unique needs of each association it represents. The goal is to help community associations thrive by providing expert legal guidance, support, and several educational resources.


Food & Beverage

     KWPMC enhances ultra-luxury communities across Florida through its unique Food & Beverage (F&B) division. Led by Executive Director of F&B Stephen Clark, who has nearly two decades of experience with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, the division offers a full range of F&B services that include the following:

  • Daily culinary operations
  • Customized menus
  • Poolside dining and cocktails
  • Elegant clubhouse dining

     Whether relaxing poolside, dining with family and friends, or commemorating a special occasion, expect exceptional service delivered with a true touch of class.

Leland Management

Community Lifestyle Services

     For 25 years Leland Management’s seasoned lifestyle directors have imbued our communities with a comforting atmosphere, impacting numerous residents. Our pride lies in our contribution to the development and improvement of some of Florida’s most sought-after lifestyle neighborhoods, encompassing premier retirement, active adult, and family-friendly enclaves in the region. Whether through expansive community gatherings or tailored concierge offerings, these allow us to reveal the profound essence of embracing the Leland Lifestyle!

McEnany Roofing Inc.

Commercial & Industrial Roofing
Tampa/Corporate: 813-988-1669 or Lake Alfred/Polk Office: 863-588-4130

     Whether you are a property management company or the board of directors for a condominium property, roof repairs and replacements can be an intimidating topic to discuss, but it doesn’t have to be that way. McEnany Roofing offers quality products and detailed service, making the best decision for your owners and getting the project done with as little disruption as possible. We also offer an extensive labor warranty, which often exceeds that of our competitors.

Osborn Engineering

Professional Engineering Services

     Established in 1892, Osborn is proud to be one of the nation’s oldest engineering firms, continuing a tradition of quality engineering. With specialists in restoration; structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering; plumbing; fire protection; and commissioning, Osborn supports communities throughout the state with 70 employees in five Florida offices. We have performed corrosion control plans, structural assessments, milestone inspections, and repair designs for hundreds of condominiums to help associations control and mitigate the damaging forces of corrosion.

Pecora Corporation


     Over time exterior silicone wall coatings may become unsightly due to atmospheric deposits of dust and dirt. Cleaning can be costly and is only a temporary measure for remediation. Pecora’s SilcoPrime is an interlaminary primer that promotes the adhesion of non-silicone-based coating over existing silicone-based wall coatings. SilcoPrime acts as a permanent bridge between the existing silicone base coating and the newly applied architectural coating.

Poliakoff Backer

Personalized Legal Services
561-361-8535 or 800-251-3562

     Poliakoff Backer’s origin dates to 1995 when Keith F. Backer created an antidote to the big-firm-syndrome—the experience clients endure when they are considered just one among many where they lack personal attention from their lawyer. The firm’s goal is to provide personalized legal services and establish long-term personal relationships with its clients. The firm currently represents communities of all sizes including condominiums, cooperatives, homeowners’ associations, and country clubs, providing a full range of legal services. While the Florida Bar only certifies five percent of all Florida lawyers in their fields of expertise, 40 percent of Poliakoff Backer’s attorneys have been board certified in condominium and planned development law by the Florida Bar.

Promar Building Services

Certified General Contractor Services

     Promar Building Services LLC (Promar) is a locally owned, state-licensed, insured, and bonded certified general contractor. Concrete restoration, stucco repairs, waterproofing, coatings, and painting are just a few of the areas we specialize in. The majority of our projects are low-rise and high-rise buildings, parking garages, recreational decks, catwalks, and balconies. We provide a safe work environment, are committed to excellent customer service, and deliver quality workmanship to our clients. For more information, visit www.PromarBuilding.com, email promar@promarbuilding.com, or call 561-819-3900.

RealManage Family of Brands

855-877-CIRA (2742)

     +.  Redefine your association’s experience with CiraVote, a cutting-edge software embodying versatility and innovation that is tailored for community association elections, surveys, and various voting events. Homeowners with multiple lots can vote independently. Candidates enjoy a user-friendly interface for uploading engaging content, and CiraVote’s efficient, cross-device voting capability boosts community engagement and quorum rates. What makes our software unique is its unwavering security, including multi-factor authentication for safeguarding the voting process. *CiraVote is exclusively available to RealManage and GrandManors clients.*

Reserve Advisors

Helping You Manage Community Business with Confidence

     Between fulfilling the legislative requirement of conducting a structural integrity reserve study, following the funding and expenditure plan, and handling the daily hustle and bustle of running an association, the life of any board member is hectic. Our team of engineers takes pride in delivering a holistic SIRS service that supports your community’s long-term capital planning needs for structural and nonstructural items, all while fulfilling your SIRS requirements. Let us make your job easier by providing capital planning support for years to come.

DSS Condo, a Division of Socotec

Construction Process Guide

     DSS Condo was founded by experienced construction professionals who noticed that when it came to renovation and restoration projects, associations were constantly overpaying for low-quality work and disorganized projects. It’s clear that associations need a qualified, independent third-party to guide them through the construction process and protect the interests of the unit owners.  DSS Condo, which is now a division of Socotec, can be your team of construction professionals who together have managed hundreds of projects and saved associations millions of dollars.

Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems

Paving and Asphalt Maintenance

     Is your community planning on paving in 2024? Have you already received multiple proposals that left you unsure if the contractor has visited your property and is quoting the same project? Do you currently have defective asphalt and the contractor is only giving you a proposal to do an asphalt overlay to help “save you money”? If none of the above makes sense to you, that’s okay because it does to me. Let me get you the project you paid for!

Robotics Security LLC

Security Patrol Robots

     Safeguarding your community efficiently and cost effectively through robot patrolling and inspections is our focus at Robotics Security. We will provide your community with security rovers that will autonomously monitor, detect, and report out-of-pattern activities such as trespassers, illegal or unusual activities, unauthorized gatherings, illegal parking, unwanted wildlife, and other situations. Our surveillance robots will efficiently operate day and night, under any type of weather or terrain conditions, to deliver superior monitoring services for your peace of mind.

Seacrest Services

Full-Service Community Association Management

     Seacrest Services is your community’s partner, from full-service property management and professional accounting services to complete landscaping and property maintenance. At Seacrest Services we understand no two communities are the same, and we take great pride in the longevity of our client relationships and continued customer satisfaction. With industry-leading technology, professional management skills, and relational expertise, Seacrest is proven to meet the specific needs of your community. Call us today at 561-656-6354 or visit www.seacrestservices.com.

Siegfried Rivera

Community Association Law

     Siegfried Rivera has made community association law one of our primary areas of focus since our inception in 1977. We provide full-service counsel and representation for all types and sizes of Florida community associations covering all aspects of their legal, regulatory, and administrative matters. Our firm’s Newsroom blog at
www.SiegfriedRivera.com/blog is among the most comprehensive online sources for timely legal insight for Florida associations, and we encourage directors, members, and property managers to visit it and enter their email address to automatically receive all our future articles.

Southern Chute

Trash and Linen Chute Needs
954-475-9191 or 866-475-9191

     We are the one-stop premier service company for your trash and linen chute needs. From fire code compliance inspections and repairs to high-pressure cleaning and odor control, we take care of it all. Our trash chute doors and replacement parts are all UL-tested and rated. We also offer dryer vent cleaning with advanced HEPA vacuums. We specialize in replacing trash chutes in existing buildings, whether it is one floor or 100 floors!

Vesta Property Services

Florida’s Most Trusted Association Management Company

     For three decades we’ve proudly stood as Florida’s most trusted HOA, COA, and amenity management company. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has set us apart, earning the trust of countless communities. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of Florida residents, we’ve provided exceptional services, maintaining beautiful neighborhoods and fostering vibrant, close-knit communities. Our legacy is built on reliability, transparency, and dedicated customer service. With 30 years of experience, we continue to be the benchmark for community management in the Sunshine State.