Consider Your Community’s Roofing Needs and Plan Accordingly

Consider Your Community’s Roofing Needs and Plan Accordingly

By Dean Visaggio / Published February 2024

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As the first quarter of the year starts, now is the time for HOAs to consider their roofing needs and plan accordingly. While potential expenditures for the roof may not be the first thing a property manager thinks of, maintaining the property’s roof is a necessary and vital investment. By proactively anticipating the roof’s needs for the coming year, an owner or manager can avoid expensive and unexpected issues in the future. In this article we look at the factors that roof owners should keep in mind about ensuring the strength, integrity, and durability of the roof. In this way they can plan for a practical and effective roofing budget. 

Photo courtesy of Unicoat

     The best way to correctly estimate and prepare for likely roof expenditures is to begin with a comprehensive roof assessment. A small water leak can be challenging to locate, but it can cause significant damage over time, making a professional roof evaluation a vital first step to determining a baseline. Property managers/building owners will receive detailed documentation about the roof’s current condition, including photographs, a written assessment, repair or replacement recommendations, and estimated financial estimates for the budget. Understanding and addressing roof problems in a timely way can help management avoid expensive surprises in the new year.

  1. Review the Roof’s History—When evaluating the roof, it’s essential to consider its age, history of maintenance and repairs, and warranty information. The age of a commercial roof can provide insight into the potential for deterioration, erosion, and wear and tear. A properly documented roof maintenance history will point to the quality of care it has received in the past. In addition, reading and understanding any existing roof warranty will provide details on current coverage, if any. These factors significantly impact the condition and longevity of any roof.
  2. Ask about Existing Maintenance Plans—Routine preventive maintenance is essential for optimizing and extending the roof’s lifespan, whether new or decades old. Property owners can reduce long-term repair expenses by proactively cleaning debris, clearing any clogs from the drainage systems, implementing minor repairs, or addressing signs of deterioration. Budgeting for an annual 2024 maintenance plan will ensure that this critical aspect is covered.
  3. Consider Weather Patterns and Regional Climate—Depending on where the building is located, weather can significantly influence when nonessential repairs should take place. For instance, in Florida the potential for storms and severe weather is greatest from June through November. During the summer months, it rains nearly every day. Therefore, maintenance plans need to consider dry seasons and be able to provide solutions for emergency maintenance during less-than-optimal times of the year. Once all the factors have been taken into consideration, a property manager can work with his or her roofing contractor to develop a maintenance plan that is practical and fits into the budget.

Roofing Maintenance Strategy over the Long Term 

     It is essential to be knowledgeable about the latest innovations and roofing industry trends in order to make smart decisions about your condominium’s roof systems. Thinking about plans over the long term may prove more strategic than cheaper, short-term fixes.

     Unicoat Industrial Roofing will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy addressing your roof management. With decades of industry expertise, our team can help you create a long-term maintenance and repair plan and roofing budget for your building, considering the regional weather conditions, average foot traffic, and the function of the property. In addition to roof assessments, repairs, and emergency services, we also provide professional roof coating services to extend the life of the roof. Call today to talk to our commercial roofing experts and maximize your investment in the coming year, and learn how roof coatings can affordably extend the life of your roof. 

Dean Visaggio

Regional Sales Manager, Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation

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