2017 Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

2017 Readers’ Choice Awards Spotlight

Published February 2018


Editor’s Note: Congratulations to these four outstanding Readers’ Choice Awards winners! (For a full list of RCA winners, please read the March 2017 issue or visit www.fcapgroup.com/flcaj/readers-choice/).

Diamond Level Winner—Management
(Winner 2017 & 2016)

       RealManage Tampa is a full-service HOA and condominium management office with all the technological advantages you need along with the hands-on approach you want.  Communication is our top priority. We understand the importance of getting an answer when you need it, and we deliver the personal management touch your community deserves.  In addition to our personal touch approach, our boards have access to the association information at the touch of their fingertips. With RealManage, you are working with a management team that is right here in Tampa. Contact us today to learn how we can make your life on the board easier and more effective.

       For more information on RealManage, call (866) 473-2573 or visit www.realmanage.com. 

Pavement Technology Inc.
Platinum Level Winner—Asphalt & Paving Surfaces
(Winner 2017)

       It was 44 years ago that Colin Durante, understanding the long-term costs of pavement neglect and confident of the benefits of proactive road maintenance, founded Pavement Technology Inc. (PTI), now headquartered in Westlake, OH. The company’s flagship product is a maltene-based asphalt rejuvenator that restores flexibility and weather resistance to roads by returning to them the maltene compounds that naturally degrade over time. Today’s extensive suite of PTI preservation products are meticulously applied by road crews made up of trained and dedicated PTI employees. PTI’s roadway solutions contribute to the sustainability of neighborhoods across America by extending road life for optimum return on community investments.

       For more information on Pavement Technology Inc., call (440) 892-1895 or visit www.pavetechinc.com.


Towers Property Management
Platinum Level Winner—Management
(Winner 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014)

       Towers Property Management is owned by Benjamin Isip, CMCA, AMS, and President; and Emily Towers Isip, CMCA, AMS, and Vice President.  They serve associations in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties.  Towers Property Management provides full-service management for homeowners associations, condominiums, and townhome communities. For the self-managed community, they offer consulting and bookkeeping services.  They believe that every community deserves professional management, if they desire it, regardless of the community’s size. Their mission is to provide association clients with professional, personal customer service; experience and access to resources; and the support needed to help them reach their strategic goals. Towers’ goal is to provide personal service beyond expectations in a climate of excellence and quality.

       For more information on Towers Property Management, call (407) 730-9872 or visit www.towerspropertymgmt.com.


World of Homes
Platinum Level Winner—Management
(Winner 2017)

       World of Homes is a family-owned and -operated multi-functional real estate company, which provides community association management, developer construction management and transition, as well as real estate and property management. With current locations in downtown Orlando and Kissimmee, World of Homes serves more than 100 associations with 40 of those being loyal clients for over a decade. Their specialty is in customizing services and educating the boards, homeowners, and clients they serve. Their goal is to invest in their staff, associations, and clients to create relationships and build communities. They know if they focus on people, families, and relationship, they can create solutions one phone call, email, and handshake at a time. In 2016 alone, customers and peers rewarded them with five awards for their services. They remain committed to expanding their reach while maintaining their excellent service.

       For more information on World of Homes, visit www.mywoh.com.

TRC Worldwide Engineering
Gold Level Winner—Concrete & Construction & Engineering(Winner 2017 & 2016)

      TRC offices are conveniently located throughout Florida to provide our clients with fast and efficient service when and where they need it. Services include current condition inspections, feasibility studies, 40-year inspections, project management, project manual and bid document development, and forensics. Our team will assess your property needs and take the time to provide clear explanations so that you can make informed decisions.

       TRC Worldwide Engineering, Restoration & Inspection is pleased to be counted among the Gold Award recipients in Florida Community Association Journal’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards. We thank our many satisfied clients and industry-related partners for their support and continued commitment to us.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call TRC Worldwide Engineering, Restoration & Inspection at (954) 484-7777 or visit www.trcww.com.