2022 Management Company Showcase

2022 Management Company Showcase

Published May 2022

     Editor’s Note: The May FLCAJ magazine is the Management Company Special Issue. The management company profiles below are a great introduction to several management companies that would love an opportunity to lead your community with excellence.

Affinity Management Services

     Affinity Management Services is honored to have won the Diamond Readers’ Choice Award from FLCAJ in 2022. For 15 years Affinity Management Services has proudly served condominium and homeowners associations across the tri-county area of South Florida. From streamlining transitions to managing HOA financials, we handle all the fine details with efficiency, transparency, and a personal touch. At Affinity, we simply make life better—for each association and its residents.

     For more information on Affinity Management Services, call (800) 977-6279 or visit ManagedbyAffinity.com


     Established in 1983 on the premise of shifting the mindset within the property management industry, AKAM is the only brand to fulfill its promise of providing a highly personalized, attentive, hospitality-led service designed for an enriched residential experience.

     With the understanding that each property is unique, we assemble a team of experts with extensive knowledge of type, location, and operational history. During this process we work with each client to identify ideal team members to ensure a perfect fit for culture of the community. Their work is further supported by best-in-class talent in management, hospitality, finance, architecture, and related disciplines to elevate and enhance the value of your real estate asset. 

     Proudly serving communities in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Lee, and Collier counties.

     For more information on AKAM, visit akam.com or call (954) 417-1763.

Alliant Property Management LLC 

     The Team Approach to Association Management.

     Alliant Property Management LLC is a premier provider of comprehensive community association management services. Founded in 2005, Alliant is one of the fastest growing association management firms in Southwest Florida. We credit our growth and success to experienced leadership and our team approach to association management. The principal owners and executive team have extensive experience in business management and professional services for residential, commercial, and hospitality industries. Our managers and service team guide associations of all sizes with comprehensive administration, financial services, and state-of-the-art technology. With a commitment to people, process, and technology, and a mission to build enduring relationships with communities, Alliant is positioned for continued success and long-term growth.

     For more information, call (239) 454-1101 or visit us at www.AlliantProperty.com.

Allied Property Group

     Allied Property Group is a full-service property management firm providing service throughout Florida since 2003. 

     Allied excels in assisting boards of directors in addressing all of their short- and long-term challenges. These challenges include both routine matters as well as the unexpected. Routine challenges can include controlling expenditures, optimizing budgets, and increasing property values all while enhancing the community experience. Unexpected challenges can range from hurricane preparedness and recovery to emergencies that can have an adverse impact on the association’s or unit owner’s property. 

     While most large management companies struggle with their ability to make important decisions that could negatively impact associations, at Allied our experienced and empowered staff routinely assist associations in facing and conquering these challenges. 

     The Allied team consists of licensed managers with extensive industry experience, a dedicated team of property accountants, a well-trained and friendly customer service staff, and technology offerings that help both our team and the associations we serve to succeed. Our team closely guides and assists the boards we serve to ensure efficient, productive meetings while providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand financial and management reports. 

     Working together with our customers, Allied has the tools and experience needed to assist boards in making the decisions that best serve their associations. At Allied, our continued success can easily be attributed to our integrity and constant customer obsession that we take into consideration in everything we do. 

     For more information on Allied Property Group, visit www.alliedpropertygroup.net.

C&S Community Management

     C&S Community Management is locally owned, serving HOA and condominium associations since 1985. Maintaining an accredited A+ Better Business Bureau rating along with an (AAMC) accreditation from the Community  Associations Institute, C&S is equipped to exceed community expectations. C&S has four offices to serve you on Florida’s West Coast, in Bradenton, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Venice. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and here to serve you in all areas of community management. In addition to the state CAM license, many of our managers are nationally board certified, and four managers are PCAMs (Professional Community Association Manager). 

     C&S utilizes industry-leading technology, and when coupled with a passion for helping others, the result is a happy, healthy, welcoming community along with award-winning service. From finance and compliance to maintenance, payroll, and legal matters, we are here to help. At C&S, it is our goal to improve your satisfaction as an owner and board member. Our years of experience allow us to offer you a guaranteed positive change in your association management so that you may relax and enjoy your community.

     For more information on C&S, visit www.cscmsi.com

Campbell Property Management

     Founded in 1953, Campbell Property Management is South Florida’s highest-rated community association management company and one of the largest and most experienced, locally owned property management companies in South Florida. With seven fully staffed offices and more than 800 full-time employees, Campbell serves more than 400 associations in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and Port St. Lucie counties. Their management services include administration, finances, accounting, maintenance and janitorial, valet and concierge, social director, gate access, human resources development, community websites, information technology, and landscape maintenance. 

     Although very similar in purpose, every board has its own unique goals and objectives, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Campbell’s experienced team invests the time and energy necessary to truly understand the needs of the community and board. They pride themselves on being responsive and providing customized solutions for their clients. They make a promise to the boards they serve: that Campbell will help them accomplish their goals and achieve the peace of mind they are seeking. Campbell guarantees satisfaction by giving their clients the right to cancel for any reason, at any time. The associations they serve have rewarded their performance with long-standing relationships, which have been proven by their market-leading 98 percent renewal rate. 

     For more information on Campbell Property Management, call (954) 427-8770, email sales@campbellproperty.com, or visit www.CampbellPropertyManagement.com.

Castle Group

     Castle Group is the premier choice for property management, specializing in serving the finest residential communities. The company’s philosophy is an unwavering focus on the resident’s experience; at Castle it is called Royal Service®. Castle is owned by CPAs who oversee a powerful combination of incredible people, streamlined systems, and advanced technology. Since no two properties are identical, Castle has created a menu of services that allows customers to create a solution that fits their needs. Castle does not manage an exceptional number of communities, just a number of exceptional ones.

     For more information on Castle Group, call (844) 815-5321 or visit www.castlegroup.com.

Condominium Associates (CA) 

     Condominium Associates provides a boutique management style focused on customer service. In business since 1982, we are locally owned and operated. If you are looking for an in-house financial team, a hands-on small company feel, while not being a small company, CA is the one for you. You will not find an individual running CA but a team of staff members working together to be The Industry Leaders. (condominiumassociates.com/our-expert-team) Reach out to our Exec. VP of Sales, Kathy Bramhall, who has been with us for 20 years at kbramhall@condominiumassociates.com.  

     For more information about Condominium Associates, visit CondominiumAssociates.com or call (866) 259-3983.

GRS Community Management

     Thanks to the support of our communities, GRS was selected as a Readers’ Choice Diamond Winner again! With a solid foundation of more than 30 years of association management experience, GRS Community Management knows how to create and preserve the beauty of our tropical lifestyle in sunny Florida. From the quality of managers we employ to the financial expertise we provide to our dedicated customer support team, every level of our management practice considers each community’s specific needs. It’s the reason more than 40,000 residents in our communities across our glorious state are currently enjoying a pleasant lifestyle.

     GRS is a family-owned business, caring for your families on Florida’s east and west coasts. We value our communities, residents, and team members. Thank you for your trust.

     For more information on GRS Community Management, please call (561) 641-8554, email sales@grsmgt.com, or visit www.grsmgt.com.


     KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING provides full-scale property management services to homeowner associations and condominium boards. KWPMC delivers operational precision, hospitality with a personal touch, outstanding financial reporting and accounting controls, and flexible and efficient technology solutions—all distinguished by a dedicated and committed staff that aims to enhance the experience of every association we serve. We’re privately owned with a hands-on approach that involves our founding partners and executive team assigned and engaged with each and every property. Our well-trained staff delivers elite service to our growing list of prestigious properties. We take great pride in building lasting relationships with associations and boards that share our commitment to excellence. KWPMC was awarded the 2021 South Florida Business Journal’s “Business of the Year” winner and Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies 2021, 2020 & 2019.

     We Don’t Just Manage, We Enhance

       Top Tip—Creating committees within your community is a great way to engage owners and develop a pipeline of future board members.

     For more information on KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING, call (954) 815-8321 or visit www.kwpmc.com.

Landex Resorts International

     The founder of Landex, Harry C. Powell, Jr., began his career in real estate in the 1960s. He was president of the largest community development in Southwest Florida, known as Lehigh Corporation. As a community developer, Mr. Powell was responsible for multi-millions in land and home sales and was well known by all for his tutelage and involvement in many varied projects. His personal mission and vision statement was to create or manage a project to the satisfaction of the owners and customers, which the company carries on following his death in 2021.

     Landex currently has 18 employees, including the incredible seven-woman team who run the corporate office. They manage a total of 15 associations (HOA, POA, commercial, and residential condominiums) and two vacation properties/timeshares that comprise $96,200,000 in property values with aggregate annual budgets of $4,718,000. In addition, their sister company, Landex Realty, produces another $1,200,000 in rental revenue for the vacation properties and timeshare owners in associations they manage. 

     Landex’s services go beyond asset protection and association/business management. We have all been involved in helping with personal property loss, insurance, and the welfare and well-being of our customers over the years. We also give back to the community more than $20,000 a year through monetary donations and auction items.

     Landex provides full services as a certified association management firm, taking care of more than 4,000 customers. We handle all the day-to-day operations, including but not limited to creating budgets, full accounting, property management, billing, collection, financial reporting, legal proceedings, governmental liaisons, board and membership meetings, capital improvements, and routine maintenance. We are celebrating 58 years in the industry. 

     For more information on Landex Resorts International Inc., call (239) 369-5848, email Info@landexresorts.com, or visit www.landexresorts.com.

Leland Management

     Leland Management is a full-service association management firm specializing in the management of Florida condominium and homeowner associations for more than 20 years. With 12 offices statewide, we currently manage more than 400 associations exclusively in the State of Florida. 

     Our team of professionals takes great pride in delivering the best-quality service to the communities we serve. We have over 100 licensed community association managers who average more than seven years of experience, with many carrying advanced professional designations. To bring it all together, we have honed an effective system for sharing this expertise both within the company and in our communities. 

     Our superior accounting strategies, dedication to lifestyle, and always-local resident support call center are just a few of the standards you can expect from a partnership with Leland, but we don’t just talk the talk. Evidence of Leland’s walk can be seen in consistently earning the titles of the Orlando Sentinel’s  Top Workplaces of Central Florida and the Orlando Business Journal’s Best Place to Work, both of which are thanks to the recognition from our own team members, which we are humbled to receive year after year. We are also honored to be named a Florida Community Association Journal’s Readers’ Choice Diamond Level Management Company, an accolade directly from the voices of our clients and other industry professionals.

     Although we are large enough to have all the resources necessary to meet the needs of any association, Leland remains a local, family-owned and -managed firm to better meet the individual needs of each community. We understand that building solid, lasting relationships is of utmost importance to delivering the best quality of service and continued success of our company. 

       Top Tip—Stop paying your landscapers to mulch in large properties; go directly to mulch suppliers for direct costs. 

     For more information, call (888) 255-8577 or visit www.LelandManagement.com

LJ Services Group

     More than just managing…

     We are a licensed community association management company dedicated to providing unique community and customized services. We have been in the business since 2000 and have managed several different sizes of communities. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining property values as well as services and promise to help associations save money wherever possible. As a previous board member and a condominium owner, the owner of this company is aware of what is needed and wanted by the owners and dedicates herself to promote this within the business and among her employees to better serve the communities we manage. We provide administrative, financial, property management, property maintenance, and web site support.

     For more information, call (305) 864-2790 or visit www.ljservicesgroup.com.


     The RealManage Family of Brands is a full-service community management company with transparent management solutions. We are also proud to offer our lifestyle division—GrandManors—with many prominent clients in Florida. 

     As one of the nation’s most prominent condominium and HOA management providers, RealManage is committed to delivering the most comprehensive and innovative solutions while continually exceeding client expectations. Transparency and support are cornerstones of our world-class proprietary software and best-practices services platform. 

     RealManage has earned a distinction in our industry for providing customized, scalable technology solutions without losing sight of the importance of personal relationships. We focus on ways to build a community offering specialized live and on-demand board training to achieve that goal. We offer a unique one-of-a-kind team of leaders that exists to innovate, with the important job of maintaining a community and its infrastructure. 

     The RealManage history, through organic and acquisition growth, goes back more than 30 years, and the company is now the third-largest community management company in the nation. We look forward to serving your community!  

       Top Tip—Review future expenditures in the reserve study. Set a calendar invite before specification development to discuss improvements in materials or construction with a professional consultant.  

     For more information on RealManage Family of Brands, call (866) 403-1588 or visit www.realmanage.com.

Seacrest Services

     Since 1968 Seacrest Services Inc. has professionally provided premium community management services, achieving complete customer satisfaction in all our communities.

     Through steady planning, Seacrest has brought its unique approach to property management and landscape maintenance to serve Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties, while continuing to offer the same commitment to excellence today as we did more than 45 years ago. The longevity of our clients is matched by the tenure of our employees. We maintain one of the highest levels of experienced employees in our industry, ensuring that your community association gets the professionalism and expertise it deserves.

     With full-service community management services, professional accounting and financial services, 24/7 live customer service support, and complete landscaping and property maintenance services, Seacrest has the resources and knowledge to tailor a custom management plan for your community association.

     Discover the Seacrest difference for your community and let us Lead Your Community into the Future today!

     For more information on Seacrest Services, contact us at (561) 656-6354 or visit us at www.seacrestservices.com.

Sentry Management

     At Sentry Management, our purpose is to nurture outstanding communities we are all proud to call home. Our reliable services and team-based approach put our communities first, consistently enhancing property values by supporting the board’s endeavors and improving the lifestyles of residents.

     Sentry Management provides experienced operational leadership for communities by focusing on what matters: facilitating great meetings, providing simplified technology, delivering on-time and accurate financials, offering reliable vendor coordination, and promising timely communication. 

     As we’ve grown over the last four decades to become one of the nation’s largest full-service management companies, we have never forgotten that our roots are always local, and our community always comes first. We proudly remain family owned with a single business focus.

     Headquartered in Florida with 16 offices in the Sunshine State alone, Sentry Management’s team of nearly 1,000 experienced professionals embrace the honor to serve our communities every day. We empower our community managers with comprehensive training, dedicated support teams, and constantly evolving technology. 

     For more information on community association management services, locations, and careers at Sentry Management, call (800) 932-6636 or visit www.sentrymgt.com.

Vesta Property Services

     Serving communities for more than 25 years, Vesta is redefining property management, making the company an industry leader in HOA, COA, and amenities management.

     At Vesta, we understand each community is unique and has specific needs. That’s why we employ more than 1,500 professionals who work to meet those needs for our more than 300,000 residents. Our expertise in HOAs, amenities programing, and financial support differentiates us to offer services tailored to each individual client.

     With our Community Management Division, your community will be overseen by licensed CAMs who strive to make your association exceptional through utilizing local resources, expertise, and proficient management composed of an experienced executive team who are always available to assist!

     Our Amenities Management Division provides thriving lifestyle management options such as aquatic services, spa and wellness, food and beverage operations, special operations, and much more.

     With our Financial Services Division, we provide financing, financial tools, fiscal management, and low closing costs along with our expert strategic planning and consulting services.

       Top Tip—Review your HOA’s current budget and financial records. Having a thorough knowledge of your community’s finances will allow you to address any potential areas for cost reduction.

      For more information on Vesta Property Services, contact us at (877) 988-3782 or visit VestaPropertyServices.com.

Watson Association Management

     Watson Association Management is a full-service association management company whose primary objective is to provide professional and responsive property management to ensure our associations’ administrative, financial, and maintenance needs are met. 

     At Watson, we understand that the most important aspect of this business is its relationships. From the directors who set policies to the homeowners themselves, we’ll work with you to improve and monitor the welfare and appearance of your neighborhood, focus on policy, and efficiently implement your decisions.

     As your management partner, we want to work with you to reach your goals and to create a great community for all to enjoy. 

     Please feel free to contact us at (772) 871-0004 with any inquiries.