A New SPF Roofing System Provides Protection

A New SPF Roofing System Provides Protection

By Dean Visaggio / Published June 2023

Photos couresty of Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation—After-Marina Pointe Condominiums with new SPF roof system and high-visibility walkways.

The Marina Pointe Condominiums are located in Satellite Beach, Florida, and were dealing with a serious issue. The condominium’s modified bitumen roof had not been sloped correctly, and water was ponding on the roof, which was causing it to deteriorate and begin to leak. Eventually the leaks would grow and cause damage to the interior of the units if steps weren’t taken to address this issue.

Top left–Before-Ponding water due to improper sloping.

     The solution as presented by Unicoat was to replace the old roof with a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing system. The SPF roofing system allowed for the drainage issues to be fixed at a fraction of the cost of other roofing systems. The SPF allowed for tapering the system toward the drains, which helped to prevent water from ponding. In addition the SPF roof system is lightweight, provides a good R-value (the measure of a material’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-Value, the better the material insulates), and blocks and reflects UV rays.

     The roof was torn all the way down to the concrete deck as it had become completely saturated from the leaks. Due to the location of the drains and the lack of slope with the concrete, some areas required as much as six inches of Carlisle foam to be sprayed to make sure water wouldn’t pond on the new roofing system. After this the entire roof was coated with a Henry high solid silicone coating, which provided a second water-resistant barrier.

     All OSHA regulations were followed to ensure crew safety and to allow the job to be completed smoothly. All crew members had the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) for polyurethane foam, such as respirators and protective clothing with eye protection.

Before–Water was ponding on modified bitumen roof, causing it to deteriorate and leak

     High-visibility, yellow-granulated walkways were also installed in order to promote traction for future service providers, such as an A/C company that has to access the roof for work-related repairs.

     Another roof project was successfully completed, and the residents at the Marina Pointe Condominiums could rest easy knowing that their residences will be protected well into the future.

Dean Visaggio

Regional Sales Manager, Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation

     Dean Visaggio is regional sales manager at Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation in Bradenton, FL. Call 800-510-7661 for a free inspection and analysis, email freeinspection@unicoatroof.com, or visit www.unicoatroof.com.