A Silicone Roof Coating System Saves the Day

A Silicone Roof Coating System Saves the Day

By Dean Visaggio / Published April 2023

Photos courtesy of Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation — Broadway Promenade — Before

The Broadway Promenade Condominium Association in Sarasota, FL, had previously installed a modified bitumen roof. After several years this roof had begun to leak, and the association needed to settle on a solution that would keep the roof from deteriorating any further. If the leaks were left untreated, the roof would start to accumulate moisture, and it would lead to an inability to be restored. Therefore, the only option would be to tear the roof off. 

     Instead of tearing the existing roof off, the goal was to provide the most cost-effective solution and least invasive option. Unicoat Roofing provided Broadway Promenade with a silicone roof coating system. One of the advantages of the silicone roof system is that it not only stops the leaks but also reflects the UV rays and cools the roof, as opposed to the former modified bitumen roof, which is dark and absorbs heat. This drastic change in the temperature of the roof significantly reduced the energy costs the association was paying. 

     Several good outcomes from the installation of the silicone roof coating system were the result. It allowed Unicoat to provide Broadway Promenade with a 15-year labor and material warranty. It also prevented residents from having to hear any of the noise that would be associated with tearing off the existing roofing system. Silicone forms a seamless membrane that withstands permanent ponding water without softening. Also, silicone creates a smooth surface that offers excellent resistance to mold and staining.

Broadway Promenade — After

     Unicoat Roofing was selected for this job because they demonstrated a clear understanding of the roof coating process and submitted their bid in a timely manner to the board. The silicone roofing system was a fraction of the price of the roof removal and replacement options.

     The material used for the job was a Gaco silicone system. It was important to properly prepare the coating to ensure proper adhesion. After the entirety of the roof had 

been pressure washed, all seams and penetrations were detailed. Then, the entire roof was coated with the S4200 High Solid Silicone. 

     All the crew members wore boots with proper tread as silicone coating is very slippery, especially in the morning when it is wet. Unicoat followed all OHSA regulations to ensure the safety of their crew and make sure the job went smoothly.

     High-visibility, yellow-granulated walkways were also installed to promote traction for future ease of access, such as an A/C company having to do work on the roof. 

     Thanks to Unicoat Roofing and the silicone roof coating system from Gaco, Broadway Promenade was able to achieve a seamless roof without any leaks. In addition, they also were able to lower energy costs from the cool roof coating and avoid roof removal and disposal in a landfill.

Dean Visaggio

Regional Sales Manager, Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation

     Dean Visaggio is regional sales manager at Unicoat Industrial Roofing Corporation in Bradenton, FL. Call 800-510-7661 for a free inspection and analysis, email freeinspection@unicoatroof.com, or visit www.unicoatroof.com.