A Tribute to Dedication: Dylan Clements

A Tribute to Dedication

Dylan Clements, Community Spirit Award Recipient

 By Kathy Danforth / Published September 2019

The FCAP Community Spirit Award is presented to an individual or group in the community association field who demonstrates care and concern for their community. FCAP is pleased to present the latest Spirit Award to Dylan Clements with Argus Property Management in Sarasota.

     As a portfolio manager, Clements receives praise from many communities, not just one, reflecting the consistency of his service. Those who work with Clements are very appreciative of his ready communication with their community. “When dealing with the concerns of community members, good and prompt communication is almost as important as the answer itself. Homeowners need to feel that their concerns are being addressed in an expeditious fashion,” shares Steven Welkos, treasurer at Laurel Lakes Community Association. Welkos relates, “I know that he [Clements] has been held in high regard by the majority of board members…From my personal experience, he promptly responded to any issue I may have had.”

     Charlyn Lane of Sorrento Villas, a first-time homebuyer, found Clements’ willingness to take the time to communicate a great benefit in making the plunge into home ownership. “From the start of my purchase, he was very helpful in explaining to me all the aspects of my villa that the association would be responsible for,” says Lane. “He had great patience as he also explained to my parents, who were helping me decide if this was a good move for me financially. When I was questioning the association’s insurance coverage, he took the time to explain it to me and called the insurance agent while I was at his office to make sure I fully understood. I was so thankful that he took the time to address my concerns as a potential new owner.”

     Clements also brings competence and sound advice to the communities he manages. Dan Waters, president of the Five Lakes Condominium Association in Bradenton, explains, “The first month we had Dylan as our property manager I had numerous issues I needed him to address… With every request I gave Dylan, he communicated that it had already been completed. On his own, Dylan had dug into the open issues from the previous manager and tied up all of the loose ends. His self-initiative to accomplish these tasks was immensely appreciated.

     “The experience Dylan has acquired from his many years of property management is a great asset. When we are faced with what seems to be an insurmountable problem, Dylan draws on his past experiences to assist us with a reasonable solution.

     “Nothing seems to surprise Dylan. He is able to quickly assess a problem and lead us through an issue to a satisfactory conclusion. Dylan is a hard worker with good judgement. He’s a self-starter. Dylan is not afraid to dig in and get projects done. It’s one of his strongest strengths.”

     Rebekah Svoboda has known Clements both as the manager at her association and as a coworker whom Clements has trained. She observes, “He demonstrated consistent communication, organized multitasking, and overall great personal interaction. Dylan is very determined and hardworking and very clear at holding himself and his associations to the highest standards…His properties would not be so well managed if he didn’t care so much for their success.”

      Other communities echo their commendation for the expertise Clements has brought to their communities and the attitude he displays toward homeowners and their problems. Clements’ assessment of his job undoubtedly contributes to his success in providing what residents and board members would like in a manager. “I enjoy being able to provide all my owners and BOD members with effective communication and dedication,” he states. “While it can be a challenge meeting deadlines, it’s also rewarding when they all come together.

     “I think the biggest challenge for the profession as a whole is being able to provide effective transparency and clear communication from BOD members to the membership. As I have always said, my job is as a communication association manager. The challenge to providing clear, continuous, and effective communication is the key to success in any community association.”

     And, of course, comm-unities do not happen single-handedly. Clements says, “I feel honored to accept this award from FCAP, but I would not have this opportunity without the support of my management comp-any, board members, and owners.”