Is Access to Your Gated Community or Parking Garage Really Secure?

Is Access to Your Gated Community or Parking Garage Really Secure?

By Michael Hough / Published October 2016


Many older communities and condominiums are still using portable transmitters or “clickers,” as they are known as, to gain access to their residences. When residents move out or sell their home or condominium, they often take the clicker with them when they move. This allows them, or their friends and family, to maintain access to the property. The problem with this application is that the clickers are independent of the access control system, and they typically communicate with a receiver that is connected directly to the gate itself. This poses a problem because the clickers all operate using the same code or frequency. Unless the association manager re-programs all of the existing residents’ clickers each time someone moves out, the community has left itself open to unauthorized guests. It is unrealistic to expect an entire community to bring their clickers in to management for re-programing every time someone moves out. In some communities this could be hundreds, if not thousands of clickers. With today’s booming real estate market, association managers would be in a never-ending state of re-programming clickers, not to mention the inconvenience that this would pose for the residents.

The best approach to solve this problem is to install an integrated long-range reader or bar code reader system into the existing access control system. This will allow the association managers to have the ability to immediately de-activate anyone who moves out with just a click of a button. By removing access to this specific individual, they can maintain uninterrupted access for the rest of the residents and maintain a more secure perimeter.

We have many customers who are located along the coast with beach access who are experiencing this problem. Former residents, and in some cases their friends and family, are continuing to gain access to their previous residences using their old clickers so they can park in the garages to enjoy a day at the beach. By discontinuing the use of the clickers and installing a long-range reader system that integrates into their access control system, our customers have been able to prevent unauthorized access into their parking garage from previous residents who still had the clickers in their possession. In addition to solving the security and access issue, the association manager is now able to run specific reports to analyze who is entering and exiting the property and during what time of day. This information could be extremely helpful in the event of an incident or situation on the property. By replacing the old technology, management will have more control to keep out unauthorized visitors while continuing to protect their existing residents.



Michael Hough

Vice President of GNM Hough Inc.

Michael Hough is Vice President of GNM Hough Inc. located in Davie, FL. GNM Hough is a security system integrator and dealer in south Florida specializing in the installation and service of electronic access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems. We supply cutting-edge security products and technology, and we promise to deliver professional, courteous, and reliable service on every job. GNM Hough Inc. is a proud Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business. For more information, call (954) 797-6886 or visit