Answering Your Internet Questions

Answering Your Internet Questions

By Nicole Coro / Published March 2021

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hat exactly is the internet?

     The internet is a worldwide network of computer networks. Currently, there are more than a billion people using the internet, and millions of new users log on each month. The internet consists of many parts, but the two most popular are the World Wide Web and electronic mail (email).

What is fiber?

     A fiber connection is the use of fiber optic cable to send and receive internet signals to your home via light. Using a fiber connection allows internet to travel at the speed of light on a very reliable connection and with an unlimited capacity for growth. 

How much data do I get per month?

     A good internet service provider (ISP) will offer unlimited data.

What speeds can be offered?

     A reputable ISP can offer anywhere between 20 Mbps to 1 Gbps. This is scalable up to 10 Gbps to future-proof your property for years to come.

How much time is required for installation?

     The internet is turned on instantly. Within 30 minutes of calling us, your residents will have internet.

What affects internet speeds?

     Hardware—Your internet speed heavily depends on your network equipment, such as the router or cable. The router is your home’s lifeline to the internet. As more of our music, movies, live TV, phone lines, software, and home security services come flowing over a broadband connection, your router will grow even more important, if you have a router that can support the higher speeds.

     Number of users—Internet speed slowdowns will occur when a large number of people try to connect to the internet at the same time. This often happens during peak activity hours (when everyone gets home from work and tries to go online). Also, on a crowded public network, slow internet speeds are typical. You may need to upgrade speed to support the number of users in your household.

How Does A Fiber Infrastructure Future-Proof My Community for Years to Come?

     The world as we’ve known it has changed considerably in a few short months. As the need for remote workers increases, reliable internet has become a necessity and ever more important to future-proof your property’s communications infrastructure for years to come for both residents and the community. DIRECT PLUS plans, designs, and builds fiber infrastructures that are guaranteed to grow with the industry. With speeds up to a gigabit and scalable up to 10 gigs, this will change the way your residents communicate, work, and game without interruption!

     Gigabit speeds are provided through various mediums from different providers, and while that is the fastest speeds available by today’s standards, it will probably seem like a slow, low-end speed in 15 to 20 years. However, even if internet speeds move on to terabit speeds in the future, fiber optics allow data transmission rates to scale exponentially. Fiber optics are so future-proof that it will outlast the electronics that currently use the system as internet speeds increase. 

How does including internet for my residents provide additional benefits?

     The cost of purchasing bulk internet is 75 percent less expensive for residents. A typical retail monthly bill can rack up to $100/month. Residents will truly appreciate the added benefit of having internet included at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it on their own.

Can I use my own equipment?

     Absolutely! It is recommended that you use a dual band router that supports gigabit speeds. Make sure to check the specifications on the manufacturer’s box to see if it supports the gig speeds.

What speeds do I need to transfer large files?

     You can transfer large files at any speed, but the question is, how much time do you have? See the chart on the above!

     Having a reliable internet service provider leads to less headaches for everyone. With DIRECT PLUS, we focus on a personal level of customer support which is barely even needed. We look forward to meeting all of your and your residents’ needs! 

Nicole Coro

Marketing Manager, DIRECT PLUS

      Nicole Coro is the Marketing Manager for DIRECT PLUS, which is a high-speed internet and DIRECTV provider located in Coral Gables, FL. At DIRECT PLUS, Coro gets to express her creativity by creating marketing flyers and campaigns for the properties we service to drive traffic. She enjoys visiting with property managers and board members and being the face of the company, and she is the direct point of contact for any questions, concerns, or issues.
     In her spare time, she enjoys computer programming and biking. She has four gorgeous nieces and nephews and a German Shepherd, Xena, that she loves to spoil and enjoys watching.
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