Best Practices Tip—SEPI Painting & Waterproofing

Best Practices Tip—SEPI Painting & Waterproofing

Published August 2021


Painting Safety & Lead Contamination

     Until 1978, it was legal to use lead-based paint on homes and buildings in the United States. As a result, many older buildings contain lead in their exteriors; and as the paint deteriorates, the risk of lead contamination increases. This is because lead is toxic to humans and can be ingested into the body or skin from breathing, eating, or drinking. Exposure to high levels of lead has been known to cause brain and kidney damage.

     However, there are steps one can take to make sure a building and the surrounding area are safe from lead contamination. For example, it is important to keep all painted surfaces in and around homes or buildings in excellent condition, which includes cleaning the area regularly to avoid deterioration. Also, it is important to consult a professional before beginning any renovation or painting projects as these activities can cause lasting damage unless done properly.

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