Construction Defects, Changes in Reserves, and Technology Advancements

Construction Defects, Changes in Reserves, and Technology Advancements

Published July 2023

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Take Steps to Resolve Construction Defects
By Diana Sada, Esq.

     If you think you have construction defects, you must take steps to resolve them. Ideally, you would be within your legal timeframe to pursue claims against the original builders. Otherwise, if you let your rights expire, you will still need to repair the defects, but instead of collecting from the responsible parties, you may be forced to collect special assessments from your own owners.

     Your first step is to call a construction defect attorney, like our firm or others. We would visit your community with an expert to investigate. Then, we will send a notice to the responsible parties outlining the defects and giving them an opportunity to make them right. If they do not, we will file a formal claim. All costs associated with this process are advanced on your behalf to avoid risking association finances. Therefore, if you suspect you have defects, there is no reason not to call an attorney.

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Reserves Changed for the Foreseeable Future
By Sundeep Jay, RS

     The State of Florida in 2023 passed Senate Bill 154 that has changed the condominium/cooperative industry into the foreseeable future. Though there are revisions that further clarify and change this bill, the full impact will not be known until 2025 and 2026. Reserve studies are an integral part of associations, and the waiving of reserves on an annual basis will now be limited. The new law requires annual full funding of reserves for the Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS). Reserves for the SIRS can no longer be waived by the association/cooperatives. All other reserve components such as paving, interiors, exterior lighting, elevators, mechanicals, inground pool, etc. will now be separated into another reserve study, which may be referenced as the “traditional” reserve study. Reserve categories in the traditional reserve study and the annual funding of these reserves can still be waived or partially funded by a majority vote of its membership. 

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How To Choose The Best Property Management Software
By Laura Areiza Gomez

   When selecting the right property management software, consider the following:

     Size and Complexity—Choose a software solution that can accommodate the size and requirements of your property. Some software solutions are better suited for smaller properties, while others are designed for large or multi-building complexes.

     Features—Identify key specifications for your needs and ensure the chosen software offers them. Consider your budget, compare features, and evaluate pricing to find the best value for your needs.

     Ease of Use—A user-friendly software solution will make learning and using the software effectively easier for you and your team. Look for software with intuitive interfaces and good customer support to ensure a smooth implementation.

     Integration—If you use other software tools like accounting or access control systems, ensure seamless integration for streamlined operations.

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Upgrade Your Old Phone Line-Based Entrance Call Boxes
By Wanchai Siriwalothakul

     With the proliferation of smartphones, upgrading old phone line-based entrance call boxes to the 21st century is now feasible and affordable. Video intercom entry systems that only require an Internet connection can call residents’ smartphones with live video, allowing them to see who is actually at the entrance before granting access, greatly enhancing security.

     Property managers also benefit from an unified, cloud management portal designed specifically for multi-tenant properties. This not only includes video intercoms for visitors but also supports credential-based access control for residents, such as cards, fobs, and smartphones, for an unlimited number of entrances, gates, doors, shared facilities, and residents, while providing a searchable access log with photos for effective monitoring and administration.

     Supplemental products such as electronic bulletin boards, smart lockers, cashless laundry machines, and EV chargers provide a seamless fusion of security and convenience, modernizing your community without breaking the bank.

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