Editor’s Note—June 2021

Journal Notes—June 2021

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published June 2021

     What will hurricane season look like? No one knows with 100 percent certainty. However, Dr Phil Klotzbach at Colorado State University (CSU), a meteorologist who specializes in Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane forecasts, has provided a forecast that predicts 17 named storms in the Atlantic during the 2021 hurricane season. That is five named storms more than an average hurricane season (See https://www.severe-weather.eu/tropical-weather/atlantic-hurricane-season-2021-forecast-mk/ for more information.)

     We hope this forecast doesn’t prove true, but it would be foolish not to prepare properly for hurricane season. To help community associations protect their people, buildings, and equipment, please turn to page 8 and read “Is Your Community Prepared for the 2021 Hurricane Season?” This is a collection of best practices before and after a storm from 30 industry stalwarts. It is a great place to start to protect your property.

     Additional articles on page 38 by Wright’s Impact Windows and page 54 by Seacrest Services give more specifics on protecting your property and establishing a disaster preparedness plan.

          If you want to look at further protecting your property from those who seek to steal and destroy, then this issue with a focus on safety and security is one you don’t want to miss. On page 34 Brie Shouppe with Envera Systems has written about what steps can be taken to secure your community during the summer. Befriend a neighbor, don’t update social media, and prevent trespassing at amenities are three of the five suggestions she provides/gives.

Darren McDonough with Kent Security shares on page 42 about the impact pay rates have on community security. He points out that pay rates have an impact on the ability to recruit and retain the desired level of officer. 

     On page 58, Brad Higdon with Bass-United Fire & Security Systems assists boards of directors with considerations on how to determine if video cameras are a wise investment by asking a series of questions. Higdon states, “Videos may provide a solid investigative tool, but more importantly they provide a proactive approach to preservation of life and property.”

FLCAJ wishes you a great summer.