Exploring the Benefits of a Bulk Broadband Agreement

Exploring the Benefits of a Bulk Broadband Agreement

By Blue Stream Fiber / Published January 2022

Photo by iStockphoto.com/Urupong

Most property managers and board members know exactly what a bulk agreement is: a contract between a homeowners association and a vendor for providing internet and/or cable services to all residents within the HOA/COA community. Often these agreements include phone, internet, and cable services. Bulk services, similar to purchasing anything in bulk, come with great benefits for the community.

     Following are the top five benefits of bulk service agreements.

  1. Low cost to residents. Bulk broadband services are provided to residents at a much lower price than they would be if purchased at a traditional retail per-unit cost. Often, bulk cable, internet, and phone services cost up to 50 percent less than what a homeowner would pay for the same services individually.
  2. Revenue for association budgets. As a result of a bulk agreement, the broadband provider usually recompenses the association a one-time payment (payment based on agreed amount per unit), which benefits the property and residents. This lump sum can be used for capital improvements and needed projects within the community.
  3. Bulk service model. Each community receives a customized guaranteed service performance, ensuring the property’s most important key performance indicators (KPIs) are met and that the provider is following through on promises guaranteed in the contract, ensuring services are top-notch!
  4. White-glove customer service experience and dedicated CAM for term of agreement. A great benefit of working with a bulk broadband provider is the white-glove customer service experience that comes along with the partnership.
  5. Consistent and transparent service and pricing. Everyone receives the same level of service and pays the same price through the HOA. When services are purchased through a bulk agreement, the monthly rate is locked in for the next 8–10 years with predictable annual increases that are agreed to prior to signing. Annual increases are capped at four percent to help cover the annual cost of programming increases. This is great in comparison to traditional retail pricing rates that typically increase by above 30 percent once a promotional period ends.

     At Blue Stream Fiber, we have a dedicated team that works with community associations to create tailored plans for their needs. To learn more about the benefits of bulk broadband services and whether they are a good fit for your community, please contact 844-75-FIBER or visit BlueStreamFiber.com.