Fiber-Optic and Forget It

Fiber-Optic and Forget It

Why Fiber is the Low-Maintenance Choice for Your Community

By John Von Stein / Published February 2021

Photos courtesy of QXC Communications

For property managers overseeing everyday maintenance, you have enough issues to worry about with routine updates and emergency repairs—your network infrastructure shouldn’t be one of them.

     That’s where fiber-optics makes your life easier. When you’re considering which type of network architecture to use for your community to deliver internet/WiFi, TV, and voice service, it’s smart to begin by first understanding your options. 

     Coaxial or copper cable uses splitters to manage the flow of data. It’s the same outdated technology that has been used for decades to watch cable TV. Many Florida properties are still using the antiquated cable infrastructure in their buildings for their network connectivity—cables that are often patched and that use splitters. These cables can require frequent maintenance and repair.

     On the other end of that spectrum, fiber-optic networking uses light to transmit data. The fiber strands which are used to disseminate that data are as thin as a human hair, and they’re made of glass, not copper. Fiber is more durable than cable (so it’s easier to install), and fiber stands up to Florida’s extreme weather elements, from saltwater to high humidity.

     Taking that durability and reliability one step further, QXC runs all of its outside fiber installations through conduit as an added layer of protection for the fiber infrastructure. Old-school cable and telephone companies simply bury the wire in the ground, making it susceptible to frequent cuts and the harsh underground environment. QXC’s clean, Active Optical Network (AON) fiber-optic design uses dedicated, fiber-to-the-home architecture. There are no splitters or connectors, so each home/unit gets full signal strength and incredibly fast speed and performance. Because there’s no shared fiber with the AON design, it’s also more secure and private. 

     Property managers know better than anyone that accidents happen. QXC has the answer: In addition to AON fiber, QXC is the only provider in South Florida to offer wireless high-availability backup. In the event a contractor damages conduit or cuts fiber with a backhoe, your community network seamlessly connects to QXC’s backup tower, so service interruptions are reduced or eliminated. That network reliability is important to residents—and it’s essential for property management, keeping critical operations running 24/7. The backup service is available to those properties within clear view of QXC wireless towers or other nearby QXC wireless-mesh sites to connect your site to.

     Future-proof fiber-optic network infrastructure is a low-maintenance option for high-density residential communities. It provides reliability, durability, and the high-speed network performance needed for current and future work/school-from-home mission-critical usage, but without the headaches often associated with cable technology.

John Von Stein

CEO, QXC Communications

     John Von Stein is CEO of Boca Raton-based QXC Communications. For more information, connect with him at (561) 708.1500 or or visit QXC online at