Generators and Security Officers Are Vital

Generators and Security Officers Are Vital

Published May 2020

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What’s Powering Your Community Security?
By John Macgowan

     Florida residents invest in gated communities for security provided by a physical barrier. The gates open and close using electrical power.

     Tampa experienced extended electrical outages after Hurricane Irma. A property manager for a condominium community in Clearwater explained, “There wasn’t anything we could do. For the five days we were out of power, we had to leave the gates open. We’re right off Highway 19. There was nothing to stop the steady stream of cars, trucks, and pedestrians who didn’t belong here.”   

     When the power is out, how do you maintain security that’s expected by the residents of the community? Standby generators are a common solution here in Florida. A well-designed and installed backup generator system, connected to the access security system, gate mechanisms, and entrance lighting, will ensure your entrance gates remain functional during an outage. Residents will enjoy the safety and security they expect from their community.

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Navigating through a Pandemic
By Rony Joseph

     During this pandemic, we are all reminded that the role of security is both to deter crime and act as a first responder. While everyone has been told to stay home, security officers are being asked to go to work. We started guaranteeing our safety long before the government asked us to. Masks, gloves, and sanitizers were purchased immediately, so officers had the necessary protection to keep working. It has been a challenge, to say the least, but security officers are in a unique position to be a part of something bigger. We have the privilege of being on the front lines of history and doing our part to make a difference. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank ALL security officers for their service. Thank you for going to work despite the risks to both you and your family. Thank you for working so our communities stay safe. 

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