HOA Neighborhood Mailboxes and Community Street Signs

HOA Neighborhood Mailboxes and Community Street Signs

By Sam Ezzo / Published May 2023

Photos courtesy of Alumina Products

In today’s world, when a new neighborhood is being built, many times the last thing that the builder wants to spend time or money on is the mailboxes or street signs. The street signs and mailboxes become an afterthought. Quite often the mailboxes and street signs chosen by these builders fail to meet the expectations of the residents and the homeowners’ association. Many are only guaranteed to last a couple of years. These low-cost mailboxes and street signs get beat up and rust over time. They begin to hurt the curb appeal of the homes and the neighborhood. This lowers the value of each property and the community as a whole. No HOA or homeowner wants to be in this situation. Just think about driving through a neighborhood for the first time. Your first impression often includes the street signs and mailboxes throughout the neighborhood. 

     After these initial mailboxes and street signs have served their general purpose, they now need to be replaced. The HOA board/residents are left to replace their mailboxes and street signs. What’s next? 

     There are many options for replacing mailboxes and street signs at your local hardware store, but you are starting the process all over again. In a few years, the new, inexpensive mailboxes or street signs will again have the same issues as the initially installed mailboxes and street signs. Every few years they will need to be replaced. In addition, this route is not advisable because you are getting into an area where your residents may not choose the same consistent, decorative look as one another. Your community style and consistent look will be lost.

     This is where the HOA board steps in to do the right thing to improve the look and value of the neighborhood. When the HOA board chooses a specific mailbox and street sign company to provide decorative aluminum mailboxes and street signs, this will ensure the entire neighborhood has the same style. This will also provide value and an old-world charm to your community. They can be seen as a statement of the fine quality and distinctive taste of the owner of a property. These serve as a symbol of how people value what they own and its appearance. Decorative mailboxes and street signs add that special touch of ornamental completeness that defines how everyone in the community feels and the pride they have in ownership.

Photo by iStockphoto.com/derejeb

     You will create the perfect look when the whole neighborhood uses decorative mailboxes and street signs. They are made to stand out. Decorative mailboxes and street signs can range from traditional to modern styles. They typically have many different decorative options for a personal touch, while at the same time holding to a single style to keep a consistent look and feel throughout the community. The decorative elements include different options for the base, finials, sign frames, accent casings, decorative scrolls, decorative brackets, and the mailbox itself. They are typically built of the highest-quality materials, including aluminum, so that they won’t rust or rot, and are welded to be waterproof and built to last. The long-lasting mailboxes and street signs are built for all weather conditions.

     The point with all of these choices is to provide a mailbox that does more than just hold the mail—it adds to the overall look of a high-class operation and adds to curb appeal. The mailbox is one of the first things you see as you approach a residence, and investing in a nice one is worthwhile.

     Decorative mailboxes are available for single residences, duplexes, apartments, or office buildings.

     Find the right company that combines modern technology with traditional casting methods to provide quality aluminum and metal mailboxes, street signs, and frames.

Sam Ezzo

Alumina Products Inc.

     Alumina Products Inc. is a leading custom aluminum mailbox and decorative street sign manufacturer. Our products are sturdy and long lasting, and they lend an old-world charm to your next residential community or development. Since 1998, we have been providing quality, decorative mailboxes and street signs throughout Southwest Florida and the United States. Alumina Products is a subsidiary of Modern Aluminum Castings, providing quality castings since 1919. For more information, call 727-934-9781 or visit aluminaproducts.com.