How to Handle Hurricanes and Hanging Chads

How to Handle Hurricanes and Hanging Chads

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Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?
By David Karins

Here’s a quick checklist to get you started.

  • Review your property with a structural engineer to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Create a hurricane action plan, with pre- and post-storm tasks.
  • Identify key personnel who are responsible for communication and response during and after the storm.
  • Verify emergency systems are functional and have adequate fuel.
  • Identify and contract with vendors to assist with post-storm repairs.
  • Review insurance coverage for correct contact information and coverage.

     Protect your tenants and property with this quick checklist and contact a structural engineer to ensure you’re prepared.

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No Hanging Chads Here
By Ruth Ingoldsby, CMCA®, EBP

     We’ve all heard the stories, or even told them, about the annual meeting that for years hasn’t made quorum. It’s frustrating for all involved, but now with the implementation of electronic voting, the stories are changing to “we received quorum weeks before the actual meeting!”

     If you haven’t thought about electronic/online voting yet, you may want to give it some consideration as it has very few downsides and many upsides, including the following:

     Email invitations and reminder messages sent directly to owners with voting links make voting online easy and efficient to use from anywhere with any device. And automatic, computer, tabulation means no error-prone manual counting at the meeting. In this day when everyone seems to be face down into their phone, tablet, or computer using electronic voting to help make your next vote or meeting a success just makes sense.

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