Industry News: Update on SB 4-D

Update on SB 4-D

By CAI-FLA / Published April 2023

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The passage of Senate Bill 4-D left many questions and concerns with community association boards, managers, and industry professionals.  The Community Associations Institute’s Florida Legislative Alliance (CAI-FLA) has created a council dedicated to understanding the new bill and advocating for changes to improve the impact for community association members and leaders.   

     After several meetings with delegates and council members throughout the fall of 2022, CAI-FLA has submitted proposed suggested improvements to several key lawmakers and bill sponsors in advance of the spring 2023 general session.  The proposals include wording that better defines the term “story” as it pertains to the height of subject buildings, clarifies the term “coastline,” and resolves questions surrounding the SIRS items and other areas of impact from the new law.  

     CAI-FLA exists to represent the interests of and provide regular communications to CAI members and chapters located within their boundaries with respect to state legislative, regulatory, and amicus curiae activities of relevance to the creation and operation of community associations. CAI-FLA delegates are nominated by CAI chapters and delegates volunteer their time and energy to benefit all CAI members.  

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