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Insurance Claims

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By Katherine Zaensi / Published October 2020

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After a nice long summer up North, it’s time to head back down to your winter retreat in warm, sunny Florida. After hours of traveling, you finally arrive at your home, walk in, and notice something is off. What is that smell? Why is it so dank in here? Then you notice water seeping through your ceiling and recognize the smell—it’s the smell of mold. Unbeknownst to you, a few shingles on your roof blew off while you were away. Now you have a damaged roof, a leak, and a mold infestation. Not exactly the welcome home you were expecting. Don’t panic because, thankfully, this all can be remedied through your homeowners’ insurance, and emergency services are covered under your policy. 

     If you find yourself in a situation like this, the first thing you need to do is call your trusted public adjuster! Your public adjuster works 24/7 for emergencies like this and will start working right away to ensure that your damage is mitigated. Having a professional on your side helps ensure a smooth sailing insurance claim.

     Keep in mind that although insurance policies don’t always cover long-term damage caused by a slow leak, because you’ve been away and were unaware of the issue, your insurance should cover the claim. The insurance should also cover the mold remediation and the damage to your roof. Because your insurance covers emergency services, this all should be done in a swift and timely manner so you can start enjoying your winter getaway. 

     But, what if your insurance denies your claim or offers an extremely low settlement? We’re here to help and ensure that does not happen. That is one of our main services to homeowners and community associations. We’ll walk you through this process and make certain you get the settlement you deserve. We can help you file the claim and negotiate with your insurance company to ensure you are compensated for your loss, the damage is remedied, and you can enjoy your winter here in Florida.

Katherine Zaensi

Public Adjuster and Business Developer, United Claims Specialists

Katherine Zaensi serves as a public adjuster and business developer for United Claims Specialists, a dynamic public adjusting firm specializing in residential and commercial properties. Katherine is responsible for representing community associations when they have experienced property damage. She is a licensed CAM continuing education (CE) provider and actively assists in providing CAMs and board members with education related to disaster preparedness, financial applications, and property damage claim management. For more information, visit