Irresponsible Contractors and Poor Roof Installation

Irresponsible Contractors and Poor Roof Installation

By Thierry Devove & Fred Burgos / Published July 2016


Photos courtesy of Evans Roofing


After Hurricane Wilma, the residents of Eagle’s Nest Townhomes Condominium Association Inc in Coral Springs, Florida, were inclined to contract a professional roofing company. The category five hurricane imposed damage so severe that all 51 units needed a roof replacement. Eagle’s Nest Townhomes Condominium Association hired a contractor who promised superior work and detail, because if not fixed soon, the damage would worsen and the cost would increase. At the completion of the newly installed roof, a mandatory inspection was administered and cleared. The residents were assured that their new roofs would last up to 20 years.

However, this was not the case. In fact, over the next eight years, residents continuously paid for roof leaks and repairs. Some residents covered parts of their roof with blue tarp to avoid internal leaks or further water damage. Eagle’s Nest Townhomes Condominium Association tried contacting the contractors several times for an explanation, but when they received no assistance, they contacted the city of Coral Springs and the Local 10 News. The homeowners association had no choice but to file a lawsuit against the contracted company and began their search for an accredited roofing company.

The long-term damage to each property was so extensive that many contractors rejected the offer to carry out the roof replacement, as they were convinced a replacement was almost impossible. Just imagine eight years of continuous South Florida rain and an improperly installed roof. An acquaintance of the board of directors for Eagle’s Nest Townhomes Condominium Association suggested they contact Evans Roofing because of the company’s past experience with similar projects. The board obliged and set up a meeting with Fred Burgos, Project Manager at Evans Roofing. After hours of deliberation, the two parties came to a contractual agreement that would allow the board to conduct an inspection and submit partial payment for every finished project until the entire job was complete.

In May 2015, the roof replacement of 51 units had begun. This plan was supposed to take approximately 90 days, but soon turned into an even longer list of to-dos for the new roofing company, primarily because each unit’s internal damage was different. Everything had to be replaced; no material could be reused or saved. Additional setbacks included the wood shake roofs were previously installed using faulty steel nails, instead of galvanized or ring shank; the skylights were heavily covered with roof cement; and the lead plumbing pipe flashings were left open, allowing rain to easily enter the tenant’s home. The roof’s decks were damaged so severely that they needed to be replaced for every unit, a task many roofers are not skilled to do. Each unit’s new roof was replaced with concrete tiles, a trusted improvement against natural elements. All products complied with the Florida building code. By early January 2016, the entire community of Eagle’s Nest Townhomes was complete.

“They stepped in and spent many hours with us discussing the necessary steps to complete the replacement of our roofs effectively and as economically as possible before they were even contracted. They dealt with owners’ complaints with great patience and handled unexpected obstacles in the most professional manner, advising us on the best way to proceed on all occasions. They truly exceeded our expectations,” says the board of directors for the Eagle’s Nest Townhomes Condominium Association Inc.

This community faced a very unfortunate but common problem within the roof contractor industry. Countless contractors promise to offer the very best service, without making sure that their personal staff is skilled with the proper knowledge or experience to complete a job. More importantly, irresponsible contractors have the ability to over- charge communities like this one for roof repairs and replacements because the community is not trained to identify a proper roof installation.


Thierry Devove

Owner of Evans Roofing

Thierry Devove is the owner of Evans Roofing. As a native of France, Devove started working in the roofing industry more than 25 years ago on both residential and commercial properties. Presently, Devove specializes in custom home roofing and improvements.


Fred Burgos

Project Manager

Fred Burgos comes from a family of carpenters and roofers, with 11 years of roof installation experience. Burgos frequently travels to manufacturing companies for training and roof material updates. He specializes in commercial projects and large residential properties. For more information on Evans Roofing, call (800) 290-9291 or visit