Ivor Thomas: Publisher for Managers Report

Ivor Thomas

Publisher for Managers Report

We bring you the sad news of Ivor Thomas’s passing on February 16, 2023, in Vista, California.  Ivor was the original publisher and founder of Managers Report, a publication for community association managers.  Ivor was a pioneer in delivering relevant educational information to the community association industry in Florida. 

     Ivor was a condominium manager in Palm Beach County for many years. In addition to starting Managers Report magazine, he founded CondoJobs Recruiting Service (still operated and managed by his daughter, Lisa Pinder). He was a member and past president of the Palm Beach Community Managers Association (PBCMA) and started the annual industry educational tradeshow Condo Expo, later titled CondoFest. Ivor also taught classes for managers at Palm Beach State College, including CAM licensing classes.

     In 1987 Ivor published the first Managers Report as an eight-page newsletter (by the time he sold it, it had grown to 80 pages) in the office of One Royal Palm Way Condominium in Palm Beach, where he was the manager. He published the newsletter, which grew with the help of his wife of 57 years, Marcia Thomas, who served as a condominium manager. In addition she maintained the books for the magazine and recruiting service and was the managing editor for the publication. His daughter, Lisa Pinder, served as his secretary. 

     The newsletter originated out of a need to be able to share information that was helpful to all managers and board members of community associations. Having worked his way up from a maintenance man to a professional manager, Ivor was well respected in the industry, and people were calling him daily at the condominium office for news and information.

February 2002 Cover announcing Ivor’s retirement

  Ivor decided to create the newsletter to share industry information and news with managers and board members in Palm Beach County. His knowledge of the industry combined with his great ideas led to publishing helpful articles for those in the community association industry. He also relied on other industry experts and professionals for their advice and contributions.  This concept is still practiced today within the pages of the Florida Community Association Journal (formerly Managers Report). The newsletter quickly grew into a full color, statewide magazine, and the business was moved to an office building in downtown West Palm Beach.

     As the magazine and recruiting service grew and flourished, it became Ivor’s full-time job. The business was eventually moved to his home on Southern Boulevard, where he hosted annual functions for individuals who were involved in the magazine and industry. He was proud to work hard to serve the community association industry and meet the needs of so many people. Marcia says, “I am proud of his many accomplishments and enjoyed working together at the magazine.”

     Eventually Ivor sold the magazine to a publisher in Little Rock, Arkansas, and settled into a well-earned retirement. During retirement he enjoyed traveling and purchasing houses and repairing them. 

     Who would have thought that the publication Ivor started in 1987 as an eight-page newsletter would grow to 80 pages and then into a 100-page monthly publication?  On behalf of all of those who flip through the pages of the Florida Community Association Journal each month, we say “thank you” to Ivor Thomas for your vision, faith, and hard work in starting a monthly publication for the community association industry in Florida.

First Managers Report from January 1987

February 2002 issue announcing Ivor Thomas’ retirement