Journal Notes—April 2019

Journal Notes—April 2019

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published April 2019

     The April issue of FLCAJ is the management company special issue. It shines a spotlight on the important and vital role management companies play in community associations.

     On page 56, Kathy Danforth writes in the article “Less Power to You! Welcome to Conservation” about steps to take in order to achieve improved energy savings and conservation. Chris Normandeau is Director of FirstService Energy with FirstService Residential, and he encourages communities to prioritize energy savings. He says, “There is low-hanging fruit with a one-year payback…Installing LED lights or just shutting off lights when they aren’t being used can have payback in a couple of months.” He also shares that when it comes to replacement of one or more air conditioning units, “Replacing a unit just for energy efficiency might not be a great idea; but when you’re already replacing it, going to a more efficient unit is often worthwhile. For a $200,000 rooftop unit, it might just be $10,000 more to upgrade.”

     In the companion article “Slow the Flow” on page 60, Ana Rivero with Allied Property Group, Jarret Tran with RealManage, and Robyn Rocco with Landex Resorts share various water conservation steps. Some suggestions to save on your community’s water bill are to install motion sensor faucets, automated sprinkler systems, rain sensors, backflow prevention devices, and irrigation submeters. Fixing plumbing leaks is helpful, too.

     Also, be sure to look at the management company directory on page 52, which provides a number of management companies throughout the state as well as contact information to find out more about their services. You can turn to the article “Meet Your Management Companies” on page 36 to learn more about their history, business philosophy, and services that each one provides.

     Other articles address green initiatives your community can take, maintenance of your community’s waterways, the what and why of replacement cost valuations, and House Bill 721 and emotional support animals.

     Next month, be on the lookout for our May issue with a focus on West Florida and safety and security issues.