Journal Notes—April 2022

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published April 2022

     The April issue is focused primarily on life in HOAs and the issues that are often unique to HOAs. On page 8 the article from SOLitude Lake Management answers five common lake and pond questions. Several short but helpful best practices for HOA boards of directors are shared on page 14. On page 20 Down to Earth shares about the responsibilities of an HOA landscape committee and common landscaping guidelines, while on page 28 Promar Building Services details important steps to take to protect and maintain exterior building structures. Turn to page 32 to read J.R. Frazer’s article about funding of reserves and potential statute changes that might become effective in 2022. On page 36 Allied Property Group chooses to focus on what can be done to keep communities safe and secure. When you turn to page 42, Holbrook Asphalt shares how to determine what pavement preservation treatment is best for your community, and on page 46 Expert Inspectors addresses what steps to take in an inflationary economy to make sure your community is not underinsured.

     On the legal front, Becker shares on page 58 about a case that pits one community’s rules and regulations against a family who is alleging familial status discrimination. On page 62 Cardillo Law shares why community associations should approach with skepticism termite baiting systems. On page 66 Kaye, Bender, Rembaum asks and answers the question, are board member to board member emails official records? Turn to page 70 to read Gelfand & Arpe’s observations about how lending restrictions are leading to reforms in the resale marketplace, and on page 76 Siegfried Rivera shares about a TV news report on a dispute between a renter and her community association over rules enforcement and why it is vital community associations show uniformity and impartiality when enforcing the rules.

     If you are a snowbird and are headed north for the summer, stay safe and enjoy your time away. Don’t forget to call our office at (800) 443-3433 or email to have your FLCAJ subscription sent to your summer address so that you can stay informed. We can’t wait to welcome you back this autumn to Florida.