Journal Notes—February 2019

Journal Notes—February 2019

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published February 2019

What’s in store for the readers of the February issue of the Florida Community Association Journal (FLCAJ)? Turn to page 6 to read the various mini-articles in “Welcome to the Board” that provide boards of directors with important operational information.

     On page 14, “The Common Enemy: Pests” by Kathy Danforth deals with the financial detriments of termites to associations. It also covers how to handle cockroaches, ants, drain flies, mosquitos, spiders, bees, and bats. Danforth states at the end of the article, “By working together in prevention and fighting infestations, associations may not finish the war on pests, but they can win the battles.”

     Lilliana Farinas-Sabogal of Becker helps to lessen the steep learning curve new board members face in her article on page 22 “Board Members—Educate, Communicate, and Plan Before Acting.”

     Ryan Poliakoff of Backer, Aboud, Poliakoff & Foelster deals with steps a unit owner can take to handle smoking in public areas of the association. Turn to page 26 to read his article “Smoking—Is There a Legal Recourse?”

     In his Florida Law column on page 30, Michael Gelfand of Gelfand & Arpe reminds condominium associations to file their annual depository report and to not try to take collections shortcuts.

     Betsy Barbieux is with Florida CAM Schools, and in her article “Thieves, Thugs, Pirates, and Jackals,” on page 34, she writes about the new penalty guidelines in the Florida Administrative Code Rule 61B-21.003 and how to avoid falling victim to such descriptions.

     Scott O’Connor with TRC Worldwide Engineering writes about the assistance drones can give in managing the property association effectively in his article on page 40.

     On page 56, Rami Boaziz with Stellar Public Adjusting assists boards of directors in crafting a disaster recovery plan. His article “walks you through the key components of a solid plan for your community association.”

     Brian Fischer of SOX Erosion Solutions writes on page 60 about how to approach shoreline recovery as a key to bouncing back from the damage caused by 2018’s Hurricane Michael.

     On page 66, Susan Fitch with AKAM On-Site addresses, “Which Tools in the Tool Box Should Associations Use to Better Their Communities?”

     Finally, Tammy Leeman with Absolute Patio Furniture Restoration helps boards of directors to understand whether they should replace or restore their outdoor patio furniture. The article is on page 70.

     We look forward to hearing from you in 2019.