Journal Notes—February 2020

Journal Notes—February 2020

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published February 2020

     On January 1, 2020, law enforcement ended the grace period for texting and driving that had been in effect from July 31–Dec. 31, 2019, and started writing tickets to drivers for texting while driving. According to a Miami Herald article written by Michelle Marchante and published on December 31, 2019, at, the new law allows police to ticket drivers $30 plus court fees for a first offense and $60 plus court fees and three points on a driver’s record for a second offense. The article informs the reader—

     Drivers can still use their phone’s Bluetooth-enabled GPS, make hands-free phone call, and read emergency messages, such as weather alerts. You can also still text behind the wheel if the car is stopped, including at a red light. The only exception is in school and work zones, where drivers cannot text, type an address into their GPS, or do anything else that requires them to touch a phone, unless it is an emergency.

     Driving while distracted can have serious consequences, such as a life-changing injury or even death. Think of others and obey the laws. Don’t text and drive, especially in school or work zones.

     In fact, Connie Lorenz with Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems and her crews will thank you for keeping their safety in mind. She has written the article “Organized Chaos,” on page 54, and helps communities make sense of their asphalt projects by “planning ahead, communicating, and being prepared.”

     On page 64, Asphalt & Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance wrote the article “Increase Your Community’s Property Values.” The article talks about the importance of attracting new buyers and making existing residents happy by keeping well-maintained concrete and asphalt paving.

     Other articles in the issue highlight care for your roof, windows and doors, hurricane shutters, and more. Take care of your community, think of others’ enjoyment, and enjoy each day as the gift it is.