Journal Notes—February 2022

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published February 2022

Welcome to February 2022. On page 8, “Thank You for Your Service, Board Members” is a compilation of best practices for new and returning board members. It is a weighty responsibility to serve on the board of directors, and these service providers are offering tips to help lighten the load on these board member’s shoulders.

Craig Finck of Centennial Bank has penned “Smart Funding for Capital Replacements” on page 26. Finck points out that board members should start with an understanding of what the association needs to maintain its current condition, projected lifespan, and the replacement cost. When talking about capital replacements, Finck says, “Like saving for retirement, the earlier you get started, the more likely you will have a positive outcome when the time comes.”

On page 32 Brie Shouppe with Envera Systems has written about “Maintaining Your Current Security System and When to Upgrade.” She points out that one easy way to keep the equipment operating is to clean the equipment and lenses and to cut back any plants that block the camera. During times when thunderstorms and hurricanes are more likely, associations should have a plan for replacing the entire security system due to lightning strikes and power surges.

On page 38 Connie Lorenz with Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems has written “Right Product, Right Place, and Right Time.” She provides options for an asphalt maintenance program such as sealcoating, asphalt rejuvenators, micro paving, micro-surfacing, asphalt overlay, and milling and an overlay. She discusses the pros and cons of each.

Ed Williams with Ed Williams Registered Roof Consultant has authored “Money in Your Pocket” on page 42. He points out the importance of protecting the life of your roof, and he provides several solutions to do that for flat roofs.

On page 46, Marcy Kravit with Hotwire Communications continues with her series “The CAM Employment Process.” She details elements of the hiring process such as the job offer, benefits, background check, salary negotiations, contract, and roles and responsibilities.

FLCAJ wishes you a great 2022!