Journal Notes—February 2023

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published February 2023

    Welcome to February 2023. On page 8 “Welcome to the Board” is a compilation of best practices for new and returning board members. It is a weighty responsibility to serve on the board of directors, and these service providers are offering tips to help lighten the load on these board members’ shoulders.

     ​On page 28 Jeffrey A. Rembaum, Esq., with Kaye Bender Rembaum writes about the strict legal requirements that an HOA’s architectural review committee (ARC) must follow. This is especially the case if the ARC intends to deny an owner’s request. He also answers the question, what happens if an HOA sends demand letters but the owner refuses to comply?

    Turn to page 34 to read the article by David Milton, Esq., with Becker. He is concerned with helping boards of directors and CAMs to understand what the legal statutes are that provide the basis for how they must carry out their duties. He walks the boards and CAMs through the steps to handle a leak at a second-story window of a townhouse building and helps to establish a general playbook for working through issues that arise.

     ​On page 56 Adam Snitzer with DSS Condo has written an article that addresses two failures in getting off to a good start in major restoration projects. Inertia—not knowing how to begin a major restoration project—is the first failure, while being in a hurry is the second failure. He recommends saving money by working with an owners’ representative while undergoing a major restoration project.

    Flip to page 58 to read about one community in St. Petersburg that models the importance of properly budgeting and hiring the right vendor for a roofing project. McEnany Roofing began to order and pre-stock materials right away so there would be no delays. This was a great first step as it headed off a potential delay caused by supply chain issues. The project was completed with minimal inconvenience to the residents.

    Other articles in this issue address what to do with a cracked blacktop, how to handle milestone inspections, what to understand about a roof scarifying process, and how to use soft power effectively.

     ​FLCAJ wishes you a great February, and we are excited to hear from you this year.