Journal Notes—February 2024

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published February 2024

     Well, 2024 is already flying by as we enter into February. While none of us can know what the year will bring, we can still work to be prepared for what does come our way. On page 8, “Board Members, Thank You for Your Service!” is a compilation of best practices for new and returning board members. It is a weighty responsibility to serve on the board of directors and to keep track of all the requirements, and these service providers are offering tips to help lighten the load on these board members’ shoulders.

On page 18 Jeffrey A. Rembaum, Esq., with Kaye Bender Rembaum writes about how to handle an association member who makes it his business to make life miserable for neighbors and the board of directors. Rembaum recommends either using the nuisance provision that is hopefully in your declaration and working with the attorney to adopt reasonable rules and regulations.

Turn to page 24 to read the article by Jennifer Biletnikoff, Esq., with Becker. She desires to help new members on the board of directors know how to flourish in their role. Biletnikoff recommends board members review the association’s articles of incorporation, declaration of condominium, and bylaws and understand the role of each of these documents in the operation of the association. She also addresses the importance of scheduling board meetings as well as maintaining and protecting the property.

On page 50 Will Simons, RS, EBP, with Association Reserves has written an article that addresses three current myths when it comes to reserve funding. One of the myths is “pooled reserves will lead to abuse and wasteful spending.” He demonstrates how pooled reserves has been used for decades by many community associations and how it is not as dangerous or prone to abuse as some claim it is.

Flip to page 68 to read the Unicoat article submitted by Dean Visaggio about a community’s roofing needs and proper planning for a roofing budget. He remarks, “The best way to correctly estimate and prepare for likely roof expenditures is to begin with a comprehensive roof assessment.”

FLCAJ wishes you a wonderful February.