Journal Notes—January 2015

Journal Notes—January 2015

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published January 2015 

The eminent scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, once declared, “If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” This was Newton’s manner of giving credit to those who had come before him and from whose work he benefited. In a similar vein, as I step into the editorship for Florida Community Association Journal, I would like to acknowledge that I am “standing on the shoulders of giants,” and as our team at the Journal seeks to grow and improve the publication, we can do so only because of the foundation that has been laid by those who have gone before. Terry McMurry, our most recent, past editor, is one of those who has gone before and to whom I would like to say a big “thank you” for her hard work for more than a decade. 

Under her tenure, FLCAJ has grown from a monthly publication of 64 pages to 96 pages and has been filled with quality articles that seek to help CAMs and boards of directors carry out their fiduciary responsibilities. In addition, Florida Community Asso-ciation Professionals (FCAP), a professional organization dedicated to training, equipping, and advocating for Florida community association professionals, has been brought about during her term as editor. One of the ways FCAP advocates for Florida community association professionals is by holding an annual, statewide conference and expo dedicated to educating Florida’s community association professionals.

The Show: West Palm Beach Education & Expo will be held on January 15 in West Palm Beach at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. FCAP and FLCAJ want to invite you to spend the day at The Show to learn from some of the giants in the industry. The day will be packed with CEU educational opportunities, board member training, and excellent information and advice from our exhibitors. Additionally, the second annual Readers’ Choice Awards winners will be announced. These awards are presented to service providers who have demonstrated their commitment to the community association industry through exemplary service, reliability, and integrity. More than 150 finalists are listed on page 26, but you must come to The Show to see, meet, and hold profitable discussions with the winners. We look forward to seeing you there!