Journal Notes—January 2023

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published January 2023

     Happy New Year and welcome to 2023! On page 8, the Salary & Information Survey provides information reported by survey respondents in 2022 to review and analyze. This is one tool that can be used to determine what salary and other benefits to provide for those who make your community a place you enjoy living in. Some good news for 2023 is that manager salaries came in at a statewide average of $71,291 with an average salary bonus of $4,715. Assistant managers, bookkeepers, maintenance personnel, and administrative assistants also saw increases in their hourly wages.

     On page 14 Nathan Varn with Envera Systems talks about strategic planning in 2023 and how to carry out the plan. He asks, “How can a community improve this year?” and takes time in the article to show why it is important for community associations to have a vision for the New Year. 

     Turn to page 18 to read the article by Joanna Ribner with Southern Chute. She points out the importance of paying attention to dryer lint and the fire risk it creates. She recommends that the dryer risers—vertical and horizontal lines—be cleaned on average every two to three years.

     On page 22 Will Simons with Association Reserves takes time to provide answers to several questions communities pose about a reserve study and the benefits it provides.

     When you turn to page 28, Darion Samuels with ADT Security Systems asks and answers the following questions: how can we keep our communities safe, why should you use your alarm system, how do you know if your alarm system is sufficient, and why do you need security cameras? He ends the article by addressing smart home solutions in security.

     Flip to page 34 to read the article by Ramona Smith with Blue Stream Fiber. She provides a list of helpful questions that communities can ask when working through the selection process for a broadband provider.

     On page 38 Tara Tallaksen with Vesta Property Services takes a look into financial management and specific best practices.

     Other articles in the issue address the pros and cons of artificial turf, the post-pandemic era work environment where many continue to work from home (and what that means for an association’s governing documents), and the need for new legislation for material alterations, special assessments, and borrowing.

     FLCAJ wishes you a Happy New Year and a great 2023!