Journal Notes—January 2024

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published January 2024

     Happy New Year and welcome to 2024! On page 8 the Salary & Information Survey provides information to review and analyze as reported by survey respondents in 2023. This is one tool that can be used to determine what salary and other benefits to provide for those who make your community a place you enjoy living in. Some good news for 2024 is that manager salaries came in at a statewide average of $72, 914 with an average salary bonus of $4,413. Assistant managers, maintenance chiefs, and rental managers also saw increases in their hourly wages.

     On page 12 Byron Evetts, PE, and Grace Morris with Osborn Engineering share the benefits of a detailed, owner-led restoration and engineering assessment approach in combating concrete corrosion. They recommend that “owners hire an engineer to conduct a systematic engineering assessment followed up by a well-designed repair plan that contractors can bid on and implement.” They detail what this looks like through a case study of Castaway Cove Condominium in Palm Bay, FL.

     Several articles in this issue address a variety of questions that pertain to the structural integrity reserve study (SIRS). Turn to page 24 to read frequently asked questions and answers about SIRS from Matt Kuisle, P.E., RS, PRA, of Reserve Advisors. He provides answers for what will happen if community associations don’t comply with the December 31, 2024, deadline to have a SIRS conducted and whether pooled reserves are still allowed as well as whether to wait to conduct the SIRS to see if future legislation changes the requirements.

     Turn to page 36 to read the article from Sundeep Jay, RS, where he lays out the distinctions between the milestone inspection and the structural integrity reserve study. He also works to clear up confusion regarding what is meant by “fully funding reserves” versus “fully funded reserves.”

     On page 50 Anastasia Kolodzik, PRA, RSS, CAM, discusses the great responsibility associations have to meet the SIRS requirements. She lays out a plan of action for boards of directors to meet these new requirements and challenges head on and to step forward confidently.

     Flip to page 56 to read the article from David Ward, PCAM, and Doug Weinstein with AKAM as they explore the SIRS requirements from the vantage point of association management.

     FLCAJ wishes you a Happy New Year and a great 2024!