Journal Notes—July 2022

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published July 2022

     Summertime is here. For many this is welcome news as they look forward to spending time at the beach or pool, swimming and relaxing. Many of the snowbirds will return to the north to escape the high heat. Whether you stay in steamy Florida or escape the heat up north, there are some important topics to keep in mind.

     In the pages of FLCAJ, readers will find multiple articles about the internet as a communication tool and how to protect yourself while using it.

     On page 8 Katherine McCoid with Breezline has penned “Cyber Vulnerabilities and Opportunities for Community Associations.” She points out that community associations do not often view themselves as targets of cyberattacks, which makes them vulnerable. She details what the consequence can be from a cyberattack and what steps associations can take to increase their cybersecurity.

     Turn to page 44 to read “The Right Use of Internet Technology” from Marcy Kravit with Hotwire Communications. She highlights the many ways community associations can use technology as a communications tool.

     On page 54 Jacky Ham with Blue Stream Fiber defines the term “internet of things” or IoT and discusses what technology is needed to support future IoT.

     “Cybersecurity Is a Necessity” is written by Tara Tallaksen with Vesta Property Services. On page 60 she details how to protect yourself against the following cyberattacks: phishing, ransomware, malware, and social engineering.

     The July issue also highlights issues that arise from construction defects and how to properly handle them, so your community is minimally impacted.

     Turn to page 20 to read “How Creativity Can Efficiently Resolve a Construction Defect Turnover Lawsuit” by Kara Olesky and Christopher Utrera with Haber Law. They share a specific case and what they were able to do for their community client.

     On page 48 Jim Ilardi with True Group has authored “The Truth about Construction Defects.” He addresses why building inspections don’t always catch defects initially, how water intrusion is the leading cause of construction defect litigation cases, and the solutions for resolving construction defects.

     Happy 4th of July! Hopefully the day will be filled with good food, great time with family and friends, and lots of fun fireworks as we celebrate 246 years of American independence.