Journal Notes—July 2024

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published July 2024

     Recently I was standing in line at an automotive repair shop waiting for it to open. The previous evening I had finished reading Jonathan Haidt’s new book, The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness, and I couldn’t help but surreptitiously look around at the other six folks in line and notice that five of them were fully engrossed in their smartphones. This device and its effects (especially on children 18 years and younger) are what Haidt is most focused on in his recent book. What was clear to me as I stood in that line is that smartphones command the attention not only of children but also of many adults as well. In America—and in many other countries in the world—electronic technology in the form of PCs, laptops, iPads, tablets, smartphones, and many more devices has become ubiquitous. There are many good uses for these devices, and it is clear they aren’t going away, so how do we harness them and use them wisely?

     This July issue is focused on providing advice on how to use technology in a beneficial way in community association life. On page 8 Marcy Kravit with Hotwire Communications writes about the advantages technology provides with improved communication, enhanced security, and virtual meeting capabilities. She also highlights some potential pitfalls to consider in using technology in association operations.

     Turn to page 22 to read the article by Jacky Ham with Blue Stream Fiber on why fiber-optic internet is the way to go to improve an association’s connectivity experience.

     On page 40 Dania S. Fernandez with Dania S. Fernandez & Associates writes how community associations can use intelligent automation to streamline operations, refine decision-making processes, and boost resident satisfaction.

     This issue also highlights some of the important legislation that was adopted earlier this year when the Florida legislature met.

     Turn to page 54 to read the article by Yeline Goin of Becker on HB 1203 and the changes it provides to the HOA Act. It covers the following topics: websites, criminal penalties, board member education, amended rules for fining and suspension of right, and more.

     Also stop at page 64 to read the article by Jeffrey Rembaum of Kaye Bender Rembaum that provides a summary of HB 1203 and HB 1021. The latter bill details the changes for condominium associations.

     FLCAJ wishes you a Happy July 4th!