Journal Notes—June 2015

Journal Notes—June 2015

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published June 2015 

On June 21, summer will have officially arrived. Of course, we know that temperatures may feel summerlike even before summer officially begins. With the commencement of summer in Florida, there also comes the start of hurricane season. It would be easy to be lackadaisical in hurricane preparation since Florida hasn’t suffered a direct hit from a hurricane since 2005, but it is better to prepare now for a potential hurricane.

With hurricane season in mind, it is important for community associations to make sure the weakest points in their structures—windows and glass doors—are up to code. The article, “Clear Protection: The Value of High-Impact Windows,” on page 8, provides communities with an understanding of the importance of having high-impact windows. One of the key elements in protecting one’s community according to the article is to install the window correctly so that it provides the full amount of protection. Furthermore, a community must decide after meeting the mandated standards whether they are going to provide large missile or small missile protection for higher floors. The article points out that neighboring buildings could send large debris hurling toward your community, so there is wisdom, in certain circumstances, in having large missile protection all the way up your condominium.

It is not only hurricane season and preparation for it that is linked to summer. With the arrival of summer comes an even greater opportunity to hang out at the pool and enjoy cooling off in the water. However, there are ways to make this activity safer, especially for those precious, young children. In the article, “Pools: Managing the Risk Behind the Fun,” on page 14, the Centers for Disease Control points out that “more swimming pool drowning deaths occur in Florida than any other state.” To help prevent these tragedies, it is vitally important to follow the advice of a Florida Department of Health official on providing layers of pool protection for safety, which includes supervision, barriers, and emergency preparedness.

So get out and enjoy summer this year, but make sure that you can do it safely from the comfort of your unit or while lounging at the pool.