Journal Notes—June 2017

Journal Notes—June 2017

by Michael Hamline, Editor/ Published June 2017

This month, Florida Community Association Journal is excited to present the second annual Central Florida Preferred Service Provider Guide (See June 2016 for the first Central Florida Service Guide). These service providers have proven by their track record a willingness and desire to serve community associations in the Central Florida area. A range of services is represented in this Guide: carports, patio furniture restoration, collections, association management, aquatic vegetation management, pavement maintenance, reserves, security, and more. Beginning on page 14, we have included a brief company profile, a profile of a company principal, or a best practice tip from these service providers, and we encourage our readers to learn more about these companies by visiting their websites or contacting them directly.

Also in this issue, there is a focus on safety and security. In the article “Security: Keep People in the Plan” on page 8, Crystal Clark with Envera Systems and Michael Hough with GNM Hough Inc help communities understand how to better secure their communities and private residences. Hough notes the importance of testing your security system, “One of the biggest problems with any security device or system is that everyone wants to set it and forget it, but it doesn’t work that way,” states Hough. “You have to test and maintain the whole system.” In terms of what a community can do with limited funds, Crystal Clark advises, “If a community does not have guards, a surveillance system is still important. For instance, if a community is not gated, there are surveillance options that can capture the license plates of vehicles entering and exiting the community. That way, if a problem occurs, the community has the means to try and figure out who did it.”

Brad Higdon with Bass United Fire & Security Systems talks about the importance of life safety systems in his article “What Does Life Safety Mean to You?” on page 28. He highlights the value of maintaining the systems; new trends in technology that add benefits to your life safety system; and he poses several questions to help your community find a good, competent, and trustworthy contractor.

As always, we trust the articles in these pages will help your community run more efficiently. When you get a chance, please drop us a line with your comments and questions.