Journal Notes—June 2018

Journal Notes—June 2018

by Michael Hamline, Editor/ Published June 2018

       As this month marks the halfway point of 2018, Florida Community Association Journal turns its attention to the Central Florida region. On page 42, there are multiple profiles of companies that provide services for communities throughout Central Florida. The services these companies provide cover a broad range, from financial services to legal services, from asphalt preservation to landscaping, from security to elevator preventative maintenance, and more. If you live in a community association in Central Florida, we’d encourage you to learn more about these service providers by reading their profiles and visiting their websites, so that you can call on them for your upcoming projects.

       This June issue also includes the article “Security: Hitting a Moving Target,” which can be read on page 6. Gil Neuman with Kent Security; Ben Griggs with Ramco Protective Services; Brie Peterson with Envera Systems; Seth Coleman with Siegfried, Lerner, Hyman, Lerner, et. al.; and David Podein with Haber Slade are all contributors. Kathy Danforth starts off the article when she states, “The goal of security—protection of people and property—hasn’t changed, but challenges and solutions are constantly evolving.” Some of the solutions are residential lockers for packages, computerized key control systems, software that makes entry into the community faster, and access control on a community’s grills, to name a few. There is something for every community to consider and implement.

       Donna Berger, Esq., with Becker has written a timely article, “Mental Health Issues in a Community Association Context,” on page 14. She comments, “The overarching concern for boards is to prevent these residents from injuring themselves or others while dealing with the problem humanely.” She also points out that the Florida Bar has created a 13-member special committee to examine existing mental health laws and civil commitment standards and will give a report and recommendations to the Florida Bar Board of Governors in its May 2019 meeting.

       Happy 4th of July!