Journal Notes—June 2019

Journal Notes—June 2019

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published June 2019

FLCAJ is excited to bring our readers this issue. Why is that, you ask? It is because of the education and training this particular month brings. June introduces the first of three “Summer School” curricula. There are four articles in this issue that have been submitted as four separate one-hour CEUs (continuing education units) for CAMs.

The first two articles have a focus on legal challenges facing community associations. On page 6, “Women of the Industry—Legal Roundtable,” eight attorneys with six law firms address a wide range of topics that community associations need to grapple with. The second legal article, “Legal Potholes—Avoid These,” can be read by turning to page 14. There are a variety of topics that are addressed with the aim of helping CAMs and boards of directors stay away from these “legal potholes” that can inflict harm to their community.

The second set of articles that CAMs can use to obtain two separate CEUs address a variety of topics. “Women of the Industry—General Best Practices,” on page 18, deals with roof maintenance, safe driving in road construction zones, resume tips, contracts and proposals, shoreline restoration, and the role of good communication in securing a community. The second article, “General Best Management Practices,” appears on page 22. More than 15 professional companies provide tips that will help your community run more efficiently and avoid some costly problems.

Eric Glazer, Esq., with Glazer & Sachs P.A. has written the article “The Importance of Condominium and HOA Education” on page 38. He talks passionately about the importance of condominium and HOA boards of directors pursuing the DBPR-approved certification course.

In “Preparing for the End of Bat Maternity Season and the Beginning of Snowbird Season” on page 62, John Greenwood with Friends of Bats talks about the advantage bats bring to the state and the protection that is given them from mid-April to mid-August during maternity season. Steps are given for a community to take to exclude bats from their building(s) once the season ends.

Enjoy your summer, and don’t forget to go to school!


In the February 2019 article “The (Very Common) Common Enemy,” Dr. Koehler on page 18 states, “As for poisonous spiders, there are no brown recluse spiders in Florida…” It should have stated that no breeding populations of brown recluse spiders have ever been found in the state.