Journal Notes – June 2021

Journal Notes – June 2021

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published June 2021

FLCAJ is excited to present for the third summer in a row the “Leaders in the Industry” special. More than 30 leaders are profiled on page 8. Almost all facets of the industry are represented here. These professionals—men and women alike—have made a positive impact on the community association industry in Florida, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have each made a difference in their respective fields. They are deserving of our congratulations and recognition.

     On page 36, Jeffrey Rembaum of Kaye Bender Rembaum has provided a thorough summary of the legislative changes in 2021 that will impact community associations, depending on whether the governor approves or vetoes the various bills. Rembaum comments, “This year’s new legislation brings tremendous clarifications of existing laws and new laws to Florida’s community associations. There is the potential for quite a few changes, so make sure you understand what could be changing and what is being clarified.

     Alvaro Mendoza with Commercial Energy Specialists writes on page 64 about the challenges community associations could face with their pools due to pandemic-related chlorine shortages. He provides short-, mid-, and long-term solutions for associations to implement in order to protect themselves from a major disruption.

     Technology has proved to be an ever-growing presence in our everyday lives. The past year only accelerated that trend and reinforced how vital it is. On page 68, John Von Stein with QXC Communications provides several questions and answers that deal with the importance of network infrastructure.

     On page 80, Beth Gilbert with AppFolio talks about the need for a comprehensive association management platform. Gilbert details how associations can use mobile tools to improve customer relationships, enhance communication, and maximize efficiency.

     Leila Scola is with Vinteum Software, and on page 84 she lists the benefits, requirements, and needed additions for a community association’s website. Under website requirements, she points out it should be easy to navigate and be mobile friendly.

     Finally, on page 88 Santiago Rodriequez Tarditi writes on behalf of ONRapp. The article addresses how Miami is becoming the new startup capital in the U.S.

     FLCAJ wishes you a happy Fourth of July celebration, and we look forward to meeting some of you in person this year!