Journal Notes—June 2022

Journal Notes

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published June 2022

     June 1 to November 30 will be the official start and end of hurricane season. Turn to page 8 to read several important snippets of information about steps your community association can take both before and after a hurricane strikes. In the same article there are a few pieces of advice on steps to implement to improve the safety and security of the community association.

     On page 36 Brie Shouppe with Envera Systems explains to residents the different types of gate access systems and addresses procedures or rules that have been put in place for association access.

     On page 40 Richard Hunter with Hunter Claims has written “The Best Offense Is a Good Defense.” He recommends that association boards of directors review the insurance policy to make sure that proper coverage and an appropriate deductible are in place. He also emphasizes that when making a claim, cooperation with the insurance company is key.

     Brett Weinberg is with AT&I Security Systems and has penned “How Can the Cloud Be Used to Make Your Community More Secure?” On page 46 he recommends that communities “should look to pair a cloud access system that can easily be managed from anywhere with some type of secure vehicular access control.” 

     Turn to page 50 to read “Get Your Association’s Power System Ready” by Peter Stoykov and Danny Kaddoch with Hypower Service Group. They help associations make certain their egress lighting, backup/standby power, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, and surge protection are all up and running.

     On page 52 Skyway, a UPC insurance company, shares why using the same insurer for your condominium master policy and individual units can benefit you and your residents. They explain what can result with a loss when dealing with two insurance companies and how keeping the policies under one umbrella can lead to an easier resolution.

     Flip over to page 56 to read “Controlling the Cost of Water and Sewer” by COO Roger Ross with Think Utility Services. He explains how submetering is a way to control water and sewer costs to measure individual consumption so that each resident pays for what he or she uses.

     On page 60 Mark Beatty with Holbrook Asphalt Company has written “A Must-Read for Communities That Hate Crack-Sealing Streets.” He shares why crack sealing must be done even if association residents don’t always like the look.

     FLCAJ wishes you a great summer!