Journal Notes—May 2016

Journal Notes—May 2016

by Michael Hamline, Editor/ Published May 2016

Welcome to the May Management Company Special Issue. This month features a trio of articles that provide counsel from community association managers and service providers to CAMs. The first article, “Property Management Tools and Trends”, talks about how “improvements are coming largely from the electronic tools that management companies can incorporate to improve operations.” From laptops that allow access to a community’s current financial status while at a board meeting to an app on one’s smartphone that allows CAMs to record violations and check on operations while out in the field, there are many technological improvements that are facilitating community living.

In the second article, “Managers’ Toolbox”, there are several concise pieces of advice, such as tips for how to buy into a financially healthy building, the importance of a well-maintained landscape, why size matters in choosing a management company, criteria for concrete repairs, and more. These brief pieces of advice just scratch the surface, but they are a good starting place for community associations. The third and final article, “Responsible Irrigation Using Reclaimed Water”, follows a community, Lakes of Mount Dora, and the steps the community has taken to put together a viable water conservation plan. This consists of a master irrigation distribution system which utilizes reclaimed water from the city of Mount Dora. In addition, the community employs a full-time, trained irrigation specialist to manage and maintain the system. So read these articles, take notes on what can be improved on in your community, and implement the changes.

Also, for those readers living in Central Florida, be on the lookout for the FLCAJ Central Florida Service Guide which will appear in the June issue. The Central Florida Service Guide will highlight Central Florida businesses and allow those who reside in the region to research and get to know a variety of service providers in their area.

Finally, don’t forget to make plans to attend the Communities of Excellence 2016 Conference & Awards Gala on May 13 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach. You can register to attend at We hope to see you there!