Journal Notes—May 2017

Journal Notes—May 2017

by Michael Hamline, Editor/ Published May 2017

      The May issue of FLCAJ shines a spotlight on the important and vital role management companies play in community associations. They are often tasked with the day-to-day operations in the communities they manage, are expected to keep all the residents happy, and are asked to save the association money. A brief perusal of Lisa Pinder’s CondoJobs column on page 76 reveals the following (not an exhaustive list) responsibilities for managers: enforce rules and regulations, write monthly management reports, coordinate and manage all services needed to maintain the community, motivate and direct staff and vendors, oversee large improvement projects, practice conflict resolution, know the laws (federal, state, and local) and keep the community from violating them, assist in preparing the budget, and much more. Management companies and the managers that represent them are vital to the well-being of communities. Therefore, FLCAJ is excited to introduce you to several exceptional management companies that can help your community excel, which are profiled on page 12.

Also important to this issue is Haber Slade’s article “The 2017 Spring Legislative Session: Medications for Community Association Corruption.” This article highlights the proposed legislation that is being considered for passage this year. Of particular importance are SB 1682 and HB 1237, which were prompted by the Grand Jury Report in Miami-Dade that dealt with complaints of widespread corruption and fraud happening in condominiums. The greatest concern is that the bills will discourage folks from serving on the boards of directors, as the legislation proposes financial and criminal liability for wrongdoing. To read about this legislation in more detail, as well as other proposed legislation, turn to page 50.

Other articles in this issue deal with sustainable pavement preservation, property insurance, a pipelining project, and the importance of listening. All these articles have important lessons to be learned, so take up and read your May issue!